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General Comments - Office of the University Comptroller

Kelly Hochstetler, Director, Office of Export Controls, Office of Sponsored Programs – Told group that Brandon Barnhill, Export Control Analyst, is the contact person for international shipping issues (Pre-session).  His email is btb2f@virginia.edu and phone number is 243-7295.

Dave Boling

·       ETF Spending Cycle Timetable – getting close to meeting the deadline on certain items where longer-lead times are required.  All ETF purchases need to be received and paid for by May 15th.

·       The second half of the Endowment Distribution was done in January, you should now see this reflected in your accounts and installments.

·       The University received an audit comment from the Auditor of Public Accounts this during our last audit on the failure to complete account reconciliations.  In the audit sample, nearly 40% were not in compliance to some degree.  This means that recons were not prepared, or not prepared on time, or not approved, or some combination of these.  Reconciliations are one of the key internal controls we have, so it is important that all units be in compliance with this requirement, per University policy https://policy.itc.virginia.edu/policy/policydisplay?id=FIN-023.  Because we received an audit comment about reconciliations, they will get even more attention in the current year.  Please remind the appropriate people in your unit of the importance of being in compliance with this policy.  We are reviewing the email notification functionality available in the Recon@ system, and expect to expand its use sometime soon.  More details on this will be forthcoming after we’ve had the chance to discuss with key contacts in both academic and administrative units.

Susan Herod

·       Introduced her new team, Financial Analysis.  Her new role/title is the Assistant Comptroller of Financial Analysis.  Information about Financial Analysis can be found at http://www.virginia.edu/finance/finanalysis/.  The team includes Sara Tarkington, Director of Cost Analysis; Yvonne Metheny, Manager of Cost Analysis; John Wallace-Smith, F&A Space Analyst/Cost Accountant; Del Kolberg, Manager of Information Design and Malika Ouenza, Business Intelligence Analyst. You can find the staff listing at http://www.virginia.edu/finance/finanalysis/phone.html.   Please note, Del is still in charge of the ICQ so that duty has not changed. 

Sara Tarkington

·       Space Survey – we must calculate the F&A rate every four years to create F&A recovery.  Facilities are the largest portion of the costs.  The best way to allocate facilities costs is by square footage; that is why we do the space survey of research space.  An email will be sent soon asking for the names of those in departments who know most about research activities.  Once we have the names, emails will go out to those individuals to sign up for training.  There will be 4 or 5 sessions in April.

University Human Resources

Benefits – Anne Broccoli

Stats from Open Enrollment Period

·       Enrollment in health plans: In 2013, 74% of employees were enrolled in the high premium plan and 26% were enrolled in the low premium plan.  In 2014, a high deductible health plan was added, and the current plans were renamed.  Currently, 68% are enrolled in the Choice plan (formerly High Premium), 27% are enrolled in the Value plan (formerly Low Premium), and 5% enrolled in the Basic plan (new high deductible plan)

·       Spouses removed: Approximately 26% of spouses were removed from the plan.

·       Screening and Assessment: During Open Enrollment  10,950 completed both Screening and Assessment  and will receive a $40 monthly savings

·       Tobacco Rewards:  9523 employees have received the $10 monthly tobacco reward, representing more than 65% of employees

·       Currently 2735 people are fully enrolled and compliant in the Aetna Disease Management Program and therefore qualify for HealthyRx (reduced or free medications for 9 specific chronic conditions). 

·       VRS Hybrid Plan - Open Enrollment period for folks currently in VRS to elect a switch to the Hybrid ends on April 30, 2014.  If a current VRS Defined Benefit employee elects to switch to the hybrid, the change would be effective 7/1/14; all relevant information and change instructions can be found at the VRS website at www.varetire.org.

Temp Services – Janet Turner-Giles

·       Super Temp Cohort VI – Program started in August 2011, 12 individuals each cohort.  We provide 2 week training program (boot camp).  So far, we have brought in 60 super temps.  Thank you for your support of the program.

·       We have started the recruitment stage for cohort VI.  Training will be finished on March 28, available to start on March 31.  Hope to come back to March meeting and share the 12 who have been selected with a link to their bios.  Please contact Janet if your department is interested in hiring one of the new super temps.

Dialogue Across Grounds, Outreach - Pippa Mason/Mallory Combemale

Spring recruitment 2014

Dialogue Across Grounds Presentation

Assistant VP for Compliance & Enterprise Risk Management – Gary Nimax

·       Formerly the assistant vice president for finance and director of university-related foundation administration; is responsible for the creation of a new compliance and enterprise risk management office, as well as the Office of Property and Liability Risk Management (formerly known as Risk Management). The University’s enterprise risk management function focuses on a framework for assessing and managing the strategic and high-level operational risks of the University.

University Bookstore

Jeff Kennedy, Marketing Director


·       Bookstore partners with Hooswell – provide discounts or sales to stay healthy

·       February – Black History Month, special book section this month

·       Ink cartridge refills available

·       Verizon wireless retailer

·       Full service Pharmacy in the Bookstore ran by the Medical Center

·       Dry Cleaning service – 2 day turnaround

Julie James, Sales and Outreach Coordinator

·       Talked about other goods and services the UVA Bookstore has to offer, such as engraving, free on-grounds delivery, free gift wrapping for department orders, payment by PTAO, and general books matching Amazon.com pricing.

Office of Sponsored Programs – Sharon Brooks

·       Save the Date: Tuesday, February 25, 2014 – in the Newcomb Hall Kaleidoscope Room; Starting at 8:30.  Please make your plans to attend these quarterly Research Administrators Forums! There is a full agenda on federal/university/sponsor happenings and updates……All are welcome to attend. Our meeting dates/times and locations are located on the OSP website at: http://www.virginia.edu/sponsoredprograms/

·       Avoid Delinquent Effort Reports: Recently internal and external reviewers have noted some effort reports are not certified in a timely manner. In summary, this means that institutionally we are not compliant with our own practices. Additional system generated emails (EFFORT@UVa) will be sent to the Principal Investigators (PIs) responsible for the review and certification of these periodic reports. These additional emails will be generated each of the last five (5) days of the electronic certification cycle. Additionally, if a report were to go delinquent, weekly emails to both the PI and the organizational Designee (usually the Department Chair) will be generated until such time that the effort report is properly addressed. Please also refer to UVa Policy FIN-027 for sanctions related to non-compliance with these reports.

·       Cost Transfers: In partnership with Accounting Services, in the Office of the University Controller, OSP is responsible for reviewing cost transfer batches that specifically impact sponsored programs (G/Z awards) prior to the posting of these transactions. In the same light, Accounting Services is reviewing all batches that impact non-sponsored funding sources. As metrics on these transactions are gathered, we collectively remain concerned over the number of cost transfers that are processed. In reviewing these transactions to ensure that adequate documentation is present in the comment field, we find that this is along with the Expenditure Item Dates (EID) not agreeing are the top reasons that batches are returned for rework sending the batch back into ‘working’ status. Keep in mind that justifying why a cost is acceptable to now be charged to a new accounting home and how that cost is benefitting and advancing the goals of the new funding source is the most critical piece of information in the transaction. Simply stating that the wrong PTAO/account was charged or only stating the reason why the transfer is necessary (miscommunication, absence of admininstrative support, etc) is not adequate.  Use the paperclip feature if the comment field is not big enough to relate the costs to the goals of the sponsored award if that is the funding source being charged/debited. (Put in your comment that you have additional information in the paperclip for review).

·       Federal Grant Reform: The Final Rule was published on December 26, 2013 and is currently known as the Omni or Super Circular. This document consolidated 8 federal circulars addressing cost principles, administrative requirements and audit standards into a more streamlined set of guidelines. The circulars that were directly relevant to our federally sponsored programs; A-21, A-110 and A-133 were part of this consolidation.  While this document has been published with the approval of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) its contents are not yet officially in effect. From the date of publication, the Federal granting agencies have 6 months to provide OMB with their formal implementation plans. OMB will then take 6 months to review/approve those specific plans. On December 26, 2014, the Final Rule will be in effect. At that time that the institution will make final decisions related to costing principles and administrative requirements that may or may not, involve changes to current positions and/or practices. Until then or until notified of any changes, it is important that all current practices remain in place.

To Reiterate the Message from Gary Nimax, Asst. VP for Compliance and Enterprise Risk Management, contacts for the two (2) current UVa ‘Hot Lines’ can also be found on the OSP website at: http://www.virginia.edu/sponsoredprograms/compliance/index.html

Questions or comments on these minutes can be directed to Sharon Brooks at sgb4n or at 243-2036.

Procurement and Supplier Diversity Services

John McHugh

·       Introduced Kristin Floyd, newest buyer, lead on the Office Supply Contact.  We hope to announce who the contract will be with in the spring.

·       Phoenix – we have not heard anything, assume everything has gone smoothly.

Q. SciQuest didn’t deliver a PO, who do we contact.

Contact Charles Kidd, he will investigate.

·       Contract local hotel vendors – beginning May 1, reservations have to be made with PCard.  We are slowly rolling out, should be easier, saw a huge spike in payment vouchers to local hotels.  We will eventually take out them of the vendor file.  An email will be sent that will provide steps to take to prepare.  We are asking you not to use vendors that we are not contracted with, they have been difficult to negotiate with, trying to help process and negotiate better rates.

·       Catering Concierge – Agreement to finalist is almost ready to sign, expect May/June implementation.  More than likely pilot rollout.

Eric Denby

·       Invoices are still coming in with no PO numbers, please let vendors know the po number and ask them to send directly to Accounts Payable.

·       If changes are made to PO’s, make sure you re-approve.

·       Please continue to receive in a timely manner.

The next Fiscal Administrators meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 19, 2014, at 10:00am in the South Meeting Room, Newcomb Hall.

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