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General Comments – John McHugh

Information Technology Services – Dana German

·       Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Project - http://www.its.virginia.edu/telephone/

Dana gave an overview of the upcoming project…please see website for details.  Some highlights are:

Ø  ~26,000 lines from the academic and medical center sides will be migrated over 16 months beginning in June 2014

Ø  ~20,000 telephones will be replaced

Ø  ~6,000 analog lines will be migrated (supporting fax machines, emergency phone stations, elevator telephones, patient phones in the hospital, etc.)

Ø  Existing telephone numbers will be retained

Ø  Ability to use abbreviated 5-digit dialing sequence when on Grounds remains

Ø  New voicemail will replace the current Xpressions

University Human Resources – Darrell Kozuch

·       UHR Overview (PDF)

Office of the University Comptroller – Lynne Schwar/Melody Bianchetto

·       Recon@

As Dave mentioned at the last meeting, we received a management comment from the state auditors regarding the completion of reconciliations within the required timeframe. In their test sample, almost 40% were not in compliance. This comment has garnered much attention from senior administration and the Board of Visitors, and we are taking action to ensure that our compliance rate improves dramatically and the audit comment is NOT repeated again in this year’s audit.

Here are some things you can do to help:

Ø  We will begin to utilize notifications emails that will escalate to department heads and deans/VPs for incomplete recons.  You will want to ensure that you have the correct people named in the correct role assignments before that occurs.  Review the roles assignments for each project in your org by using the Role Assignment report found in Recon@.  You can limit the report to your org or MBU by using the filters at the top of the page.  You can exclude projects with a status of “closed”. 

o   If any projects in your area are assigned to Default Preparer or Default Approver (or Susan Herod or Lynne Schwar), they do not have a valid user assigned in the Integrated System.  This could have happened for a variety of reasons, and must be corrected in the IS by someone from your area who holds the UVA_GM Role Manager responsibility. 

o   If you have questions about changing roles in the IS, please contact the Help Desk.  Here is a link to the HR Toolkit for role maintenance:  http://www.hr.virginia.edu/other-hr-services/employee-development/sys/new-GM-resp2013.  This link also contains instructions on how to change assignments on multiple projects (greater than 50) using mass change functionality. 

Ø  If you have projects that are no longer used to process transactions that continue to appear because of remaining purchase commitments, please consider “Finally Closing” those items, so that you do not have to review them each month.  Contact the Help Desk if you need assistance. 

Ø  If reconciliations have been prepared but not approved, ask the approvers to review and approve their recons.  Reconciliations are not in compliance unless the approval occurs prior to or on the due date. We recommend starting with the current month and working backward.  We can’t change the statistics for FY13, but we can improve in FY14.  Remind them of this important internal control. 

The above is also true for reconciliations that have not been prepared.  Start with the current month and work backwards. 

We are currently reviewing completion statistics at the MBU level and will be alerting unit heads of reconciliation status. As mentioned above, we are reviewing the reminder and overdue emails and expect to employ this functionality soon.  Your efforts to correct role assignments and reconcile overdue reconciliations will greatly reduce the number of emails required to be sent.

Thank you for your help.

·       Fiscal Year-End Schedule

            Can be found at the Comptroller’s website at http://www.virginia.edu/finance/genacct/key_dates.html

            Some key dates are:

            3/31 – Last day for requesting new ETF priority numbers

            4/1 – Last day to order ETF purchases (SE Awards) through Cavalier Computers

            6/18 – Payment voucher cut off

            6/19 – Cost transfer - last day for hand key batches that use revenue or recovery in the batch

            6/20 – Cost transfer – last day for internal service provider uploaded batches

Procurement and Supplier Diversity Services

Carrie McGowen

Reminder, beginning May, 1, 2014, all Local Contract Hotels will transition to Pcard payment only vendors.  The local contract hotels have been instructed to no longer accept a Purchase Order (PO) or Payment Voucher (PV), after this date.  In preparation for this transition, PSDS is requesting all University departments to review their Pcard readiness for this transition:

·       Take necessary steps to remove the local lodging restriction and/or increase the limit for a Pcard by submitting a Purchasing Card Change Request (https://www.procurement.virginia.edu/netbadge/pagepcardchangeform

·       Ensure your department has Pcard holders to handle these transactions.

·       Review the list of local contract hotels that must be paid by Pcard at http://www.procurement.virginia.edu/pagecontracts&category=Travel%2FRelocation#Conference%20&%20Lodging%20Services%20(Local).  Additional hotels have been added since our January 8 email and we are in negotiations with others, so please review the list before proceeding with a transaction.

·       For more information on how to pay Local Contract Hotels with the Pcard, please see our website at http://www.procurement.virginia.edu/pageState%20Purchasing%20Card%20Program#section512

John McHugh

·       Catering ConciergeAgreement signed this week, expect May/June implementation.  Email going out soon.

·       Office supply contract – final negotiation session next week, hope to finalize in April

·       Please remember to rate your experiences with our vendors.  The rating can be done on contract summary page for each individual contract.   The star rating is displayed by each vendor on the contract page.  Here is a link to one the contract showing the ratings http://www.procurement.virginia.edu/pagecontracts&category=Travel%2FRelocation#Conference & Lodging Services (Local) be sure to scroll down when you’re viewing the page.

The next Fiscal Administrators meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, April 23, 2014, at 10:00am in the South Meeting Room, Newcomb Hall.

E-mail comments to: Comptroller@Virginia.edu
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