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Fiscal Administrators Meeting

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

South Meeting Room, Newcomb Hall

Pre-session – Presented by Procurement & Supplier Diversity

Q&As from 03/20/2013 Procurement & Supplier Diversity Services Informational Pre-Session

Audience Suggestions for PSDS:

·       UVa Marketplace can be clunky and not intuitive

·       Punchout methods are different for each vendor

·       There should be tips in the Marketplace telling you how to find contracts, get past logjams, etc.

Thank you! We have already added some helpful information and links to the “Welcome to the UVa Marketplace” box on the top left-hand side of the UVa Marketplace Home Page, and we are working on implementing some of these additional suggestions.

1)    Whenever I make an order in the UVa Marketplace, I get kicked out and/or receive a “cross scripting” error,  and have to log back in to complete my order. How can I fix this?

We are working on a few different fixes for this problem and will send something out once we are sure it will work.

2)    What’s the difference between an “active cart” and a “draft cart” in the UVa Marketplace?

Marketplace shoppers sometimes use different carts to save orders that they’re not ready to place yet. When you save your cart in the Marketplace and exit, it automatically becomes a draft cart. The cart that you’re currently shopping out of is your active cart. To view all of your carts, from the Marketplace home page, place your cursor over the light blue “carts” tab on the top, then click “draft carts”:

The active cart will be highlighted, any draft carts will not be:

3)    Are we ever going to get away from having to use the travel workbook and original signatures?

Not yet, it’s an audit requirement. Other policies that we have to keep due to audit requirements are:

·       Travelers on day trips (i.e. trips that do not involve an overnight stay) cannot be reimbursed for meals. This is an IRS requirement. http://www.procurement.virginia.edu/pagedaytripmeals

·       Taxi fares are included in the $5/day “incidental” portion of a traveler’s per diem, unless it is for the taxi fare from the airport to and from business meetings. This is also an IRS requirement: http://www.procurement.virginia.edu/pagepublictransportation#section316. As an alternative, travelers may also rent a car. PSDS has several vehicle rental contracts: http://www.procurement.virginia.edu/pagecontracts&category=Travel%2FRelocation#Vehicle%20Rental%20Services.

4)    Which vendors am I required to use my PCard with?

You must use your Pcard with these University Contract Vendors. We have recently added vendors to this list. No other method of payment is allowed. http://www.procurement.virginia.edu/pagepcard#section71. If  you’re using a local vendor, there is no longer any requirement to swipe your Pcard. Additionally, if you would like to use your Pcard online or for a one-time use vendor, if you can justify it you can use your Pcard instead of having the vendor register with UVa and using a purchase order.

5)    Are there any contracts with local florists?

Yes! Plantscapes is a local florist on the Flowers and Gifts contract: http://www.procurement.virginia.edu/pagecontracts&category=Specialty#Flowers%20and%20Gifts.

FA Meeting

Opening Comments – Eric Denby/Steve Kimata

·       Steve reminded everyone that contracts at UVA are processed through 3 offices:

1.     Procurement

2.     Sponsored Program

3.     Comptroller’s Office

If departments are signing contracts, they must have delegated signatory authority.  General Counsel will not defend if signed by someone without authority.

·       Pat Hogan will attend the Fiscal Administrators meeting on May 8, 2013

Director of Process Simplification – Lee Baszczewski

·       Paying Forward Initiative - University employees to submit ideas identifying potential cost savings and efficiency opportunities in centrally-provided administrative and financial services such as finance, human resources, IT or facilities management.  Savings will be redistributed to support the core academic functions.  All ideas are welcome, however, these are the central administrative and financial areas of focus for this initiative: athletics, budget office, development, emergency preparedness, facilities, finance, human resources, ITS, police department, procurement, research, and student affairs.

Received 150 ideas so far, weekly winners (gift cards to the Bookstore).  IPads will go to top winners.

Information Technology Services – Tracy Smith

·       Oracle/Mercury VPN Retirement Project Summary

§  Purpose

            The purpose of this project is to bring network access to the Oracle Applications Suite up to University                                 security            standards for the protection of highly sensitive data.   This involves migrating approximately 800

            Oracle password-based VPN users to 2-factor VPN authentication (UVa Identity Tokens).

§  Progress to date

·       Identified Oracle/Mercury VPN account holders with current HR/Finance responsibilities

·       Identified possible use cases:  Users who have never had a token and users who may already have a token for accessing another service

·       Sent project communications to LSPs and users that will be affected by the retirement.

·       Collect information from users who may need a token (we are unsure whether they currently have a working token) via email and short web form

·       Review online documentation and installation procedures (http://its.virginia.edu/identity/token)

·       Started making tokens

§  30 day outlook

·       Continue creating new tokens

·       Complete distribution plan with LSPs

·       Begin distribution of tokens to users needing them

·       Begin transition of users with existing tokens to the JointVPN service

§  60-90 day outlook

·       Finish Token creation

·       Distribute new Identity Tokens via LSP when possible

·       Continue communications with users as tokens are created and ready for use

§  Completion Activities

·       Review and communicate with users who are still using password-based VPN service

·       Select and communicate final cutoff date to users who are still using password-based VPN service

·       Turn off Oracle/Mercury Password VPN service (June 2013)

Accounting Services

Debby Kessler

·       Year end Schedule  - please see link http://www.virginia.edu/finance/genacct/key_dates.html#all

Lynne Schwar

Moving Roles from Recon@UVa to IS

·       For non-sponsored projects, all roles in Recon@ (preparer, examiner, approver, and fiscal officer) will be housed in the IS and modified there.  New values will be passed to Recon each night.  Preparer = Fiscal Contact in IS.

·       For sponsored projects, examiner and fiscal officer will now be housed in IS, like fiscal contact and PI.  Good news- Role Managers will be able to modify fiscal contact in the IS!  PI changes must still be requested of OSP.

·       In order to do this, you must have a new IS Responsibility called UVA Role Manager.  Current Role Maintainers will be granted the responsibility; others can request through ESharp.

·       There will be a process to request mass changes, ie, someone retires or changes departments and you want to assign all projects to a new user id

·       The HR Training group is putting together an online training module using the UPK product – a simulation of action in IS; also will hold workshops for Q and A.

·       There will be a “freeze” period before implementation, where no changes will be allowed in Recon@.  This will allow us to verify that the key members in IS = the role holders in Recon@.

·       Additional enhancements to the Alternates Functionality in Recon@

·       Role Assignments Report with filters for project, award, org, user id, and others (preparer, approver, fiscal officer, MBU).

Office of Sponsored Programs – Camilla Curnow

·       Meals, Business’ and ‘Supplies, Food & Drink’ will be blocked under transaction controls for federal/federal-flow through programs  (date TBA). There is no clean-up; once the transaction controls go into place, only transactions going forward will be impacted. Departments will be responsible for ensuring that any existing charges on sponsored awards are appropriate. We had some costing exposures that TC controls will assist us in managing. To unlock – the CAS Exception process will be in place.

§  New OSP Training Offerings:

·       Proposal Development Module 1 – UVA Forms and Processes. Another session being offered May 10. Registration available in Integrated System SSTL or by clicking here.  Module 2 will be on proposal budgeting and Module 3 will be on Subawards and Sponsored Contracts.

·       Research Administration Primer class will be coming to an online format soon. We will still do live classes, but this will allow new research administrators to obtain just-in-time information on sponsored programs management at UVA.

·       Stay tuned to the latest with federal sequestration news by visiting our web site. The funding environment is getting harsher.

·       Lend an ear in your departments to discussions on ‘unfunded/departmental research’ activities that may be in progress or are being considered. With the cut backs in funding new awards (see the NSF approach to sequestration on the OSP website) the times of assuming that the sponsor funding was just around the corner are not so certain now. These are important business decisions.

·       EFFORT@UVa Upgrade: BETA/field testing will be the week of April 22nd. Testing will require no more than 3 hours of your time. Email  osp-timeandeffort@virginia.edu to sign up for a testing slot and get a first glimpse at the new look! Basic functionality and system logic will not change – the look, feel/navigation will. Get a head start and plan a demo for your department – email osp-timeandeffort@virginia.edu to request this.

·       Federal Grant Reform: Stay tuned……the research community has an open comment period through May – hoping for an extension to June. The institution will be responding with our agreements and disagreements. Much of what we are seeing involves the Facilities and Administrative rate negotiation process, changes in federal audit thresholds and management of our subrecipients. There will be one super-circular called A-81.

Announcement from UVA Bookstore – Wayne Terwilliger

·       The UVA Bookstore now matches Amazon prices on all departmental PTAO book purchases*. 

You can place orders with us by phone [434-924-1073], by email [bookshop@virginia.edu] or by using the simple template provided at http://uvabookstores.com/shop_departments.asp --just click on DEPARTMENTAL GENERAL BOOK ORDER FORM.

We will deliver the book to your department, no charge. We do not charge shipping [unless you request expedited shipping and then we charge only the actual UPS charge—no padding].

With us, purchase books using your PTAO—much simpler than using your Purchasing Card.

We are non-profit, owned and operated by the University; we donate our annual operating surplus to the University in support of scholarships and a variety of programs. Money spent with other book vendors just goes away.

And should problems arise or you need help in a crisis, you know where we live: our Customer Service, with decades of accumulated knowledge, is right here on Grounds, not ½ way around the nation or the world.

If you have any questions either about the policies I’ve stated above or any other matter concerning the UVA Bookstore and its products & services, please let me know.  

Procurement and Supplier Diversity Services

John McHugh

·       Graphic design – no longer needs to be competitive.  Must still seek competition for web design services.

·       Procurement & Supplier Diversity Services is pleased to announce that Complete Book and Media Supply has been awarded a contract to provide books and publications through a punchout catalog in the UVa Marketplace.  This contract offers discounted books, expedited ordering from a catalog, and free shipping on orders over $15.  Complete Book is certified as a minority business enterprise by numerous organizations.  For more details about the firm's products and other information, please refer to the contract summary sheet at:  http://www.procurement.virginia.edu/pagecontracts&cssid2=1227

The next meeting is Wednesday, April 17, 2013 at 10:00 am in the South Meeting Room, Newcomb Hall.

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