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Fiscal Administrators Meeting

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

South Meeting Room, Newcomb Hall

FA Meeting

Opening Comments – Tommye Arnold


Accounting Services/SFS – Lisa Shuler

·      Work-study Update - $200,000 administrative cost allowance.  Departments need to make sure all projects and awards are reconciled.  Make sure right people are on them.  Please fix by April 20th.

·      Important information sites for the Federal Work-study Program

·      Employer Handbook for Federal Work-Study (FWS) Program for 2011-12

·      Federal Work Study Voucher

·      Federal Work-study Audit – Will find out in two weeks who will be chosen for site visits.  Go to website to see what they will be looking for at http://www.virginia.edu/finance/genacct/

·      Federal Work-Study Program Presentation from November 2011http://www.virginia.edu/finance/genacct/docs/sfs%20work%20study%2011%2016%2011.pdf


Accounting Services – Tommye Arnold

·      Year-end schedule and survey results – 174 responses 84% want cut off dates they are on our website at http://www.virginia.edu/finance/genacct/key_dates.html (Payroll and Procurement’s dates are also linked).  Thanks to Milly Crickenberger and Helen Norfleet-Shiflett, the two volunteers who helped work with us to present the dates.

·      Year-end workshops – designed based on survey results, sign up in Self Service to attend.  Email Tommye with any other ideas, scheduled 2 hours for each session, presentation only takes 45 minutes, rest of time may be used for questions/discussion.

·       Payroll overpayments, Cavalier Computers employee payments, University Leave, AR issues – People are leaving the University and not paying for items purchased at Cavalier Computers through Payroll deduction.  They sign an agreement saying they will.  They are not paying for Leave they may have used before earning.   Please make sure terminations are keyed promptly so we can try to recover charges from final pay check.  Also for any university staff leaving the university make certain they are aware of the leave process.


Treasury Management – Gene Crouch

·      Wire Requests – if wires are submitted by 10:00 am on the wire form, they will go out that day, if not by 10:00, call and they will try to get them out for you.  Wires are most expensive way of payment, try to use other means if possible.  Beginning 4/23, BOA will require vendor address, we are adding to the wire form.

·      Bank Deposits – Due to the increase in criminal activity, please take deposits to your closest BOA branch.  Take later in the day, bigger balance at night to acquire interest.  Please use plastic sealable bags free from BOA to cut down on cost of using canvas bags.


University Human Resources – Anne Broccoli



General Statistics

            The 2012 regular session convened on January 11, 2012 and adjourned sine die on March 10, 2012.  The Reconvened Session is scheduled for April 18, 2012 to consider the Governor’s legislative recommendations.  The Senate was unable to submit budget legislation requiring the calling of a special session on March 21 to consider that legislation. The Joint Budget conference committee has agreed on a compromise report which will be voted on by the full General Assembly on April 17th.

            A total of 2876 bills (1917 in House/ 959 in Senate) were introduced during the session, of which 1616 passed both houses and 934 failed.  The Governor has 30 days from the date of adjournment to act on bills that have passed both houses.

            The University’s Office of State Governmental Relations identified approximately 700 bills as potentially impacting the University or its employees.  Of that number, UHR was requested to review 82 bills.  A spreadsheet listing all bills reviewed by UHR, UHR’s recommendations (support, strongly support, neutral, oppose, or strongly oppose), and the bills’ final disposition can be accessed at S:/UHR General/Legislative Information/Legislation 2012.xls.

Impact of 2012 Legislation on UHR Operations

            Of the 82 bills UHR reviewed, 32 bills passed both houses and are awaiting action by the Governor. Some legislation reviewed by UHR which could have impacted employees did not pass. Not all enacted legislation is expected to significantly impact the University, University employees, or UHR operations. The following bills, listed by UHR functional area, could potentially impact UVa employees, UHR operations, department operations or may be of interest to employees:

Employee Compensation

HB 1300/HB 1301 (Budget Bill)

Faculty salary bonus of 3.0 percent in December 2012, contingent on FY 2012 revenue surplus and unspent balances; 2.0% faculty salary increase on August 1, 2013, if revenue performance remains at the level currently projected, consistent with overall employee salary increase.

3.0% employee bonus in December 2012, contingent on FY 2012 revenue surplus and unspent balances; 2.0% salary increase on August 1, 2013, if revenue performance remains at the level currently projected.  Salary actions cover all state employees, including college faculty and employees of local constitutional officers and other state-supported local government employees.

Employee Benefits

HB1130/SB949: Retirement

Creates new “hybrid” system for new hires as of 1/1/14.  Allows existing employees to elect to participate no later than 4/30/14.

·      Employer contributions: 1% to the defined contribution component, and an amount in accord with 51.1-145 to defined benefit component.

·      Employer must make matching contribution on behalf of employees based on employee voluntary contribution to the deferred compensation plan (max 2.5%)

·      Employee vesting in plan: 50% upon completing 2 years; 75% upon completing 3 years; 100% upon completing 4 years.

·      Employee to contribute 4% to defined benefit component and 1% to defined contribution component.

·      Employee may make voluntary contributions up to 4% to the DC component.  If employee’s voluntary contribution is less than 4%, contribution will increase by .5% on 1/1/17 and every 3 years thereafter until voluntary contribution equals 4%.

·      Establishes separate short and long-term disability programs for hybrid program participants

Makes changes to defined benefit plan:

·      Increases time period for calculating average final compensation from 36 to 60 months except for those with 60 months of service as of 1/1/13 (remains 36 months).

·      Reduces the CPI-U to 2% plus one-half of the next 2% of any additional increase or a max increase in the post-retirement supplement (cost of living increase) of 3% in any given year.

Employee Relations

HB 637/SB 417 State grievance procedure

Eliminates certain steps in the grievance procedure by mandating that grievances following terminations due to formal discipline or unsatisfactory job performance proceed directly to a hearing.

The bill also (i) allows either party to petition the circuit court to order only the implementation of the final decision of the hearing officer and not any recommendations of the hearing officer, (ii) reduces from 60 to 30 days the administrative review of the hearing decision by the Director of the Department of Human Resource Management, and (iii) removes the ability of the employee filing the grievance to have judicial review of the decision of the Director of the Department of Employment Dispute Resolution on whether the grievance qualifies for a hearing.


SB 527 Virginia Personnel Act; hiring preferences for Virginia national Guard members

Establishes a preference in state hiring for members of the Virginia National Guard. Under the bill, when a member of the Virginia National Guard applies for a position or job classification requiring an assessment using numerical ratings, points equal to five percent of the total points available from the assessment device or devices shall be added to the member's passing score. The preference shall not be applied if recruitment for the position is limited to state employees or over an applicant who is (i) a veteran or (ii) a former prisoner of war. The bill requires the Department of Human Resource Management to develop guidelines to provide guidance to executive branch agencies on the provisions of the bill.

HB 253 Virginia Personnel Act; hiring preference for veterans; surviving spouses and children

Adds the surviving spouse or child of a veteran killed in the line of duty to the preference in state employment for veterans. The bill defines child to mean a person under the age of 27 years.


HB 481 State and Local Government Conflict of Interests Act; disclosure forms

Removes the signature notarization requirement from the Statement of Economic Interests disclosure form filed by certain state and local officers and employees.  May pave the way for on-line submission of the form. In addition, the bill clarifies that no person may be mandated to file any disclosure under the State and Local Government Conflict of Interest Act unless specifically required by the Act.

HB 939 Recovery of erroneous or improper payments to state employee

Provides that when a state officer or employee receives compensation or payments in error such officer or employee will be liable for repayment unless the state officer or employee proves by a preponderance of the evidence that the recipient officer or employee was not at fault for the error and did not have actual knowledge of or could not have reasonably detected the error. 

The bill provides that if the officer or employee (i) does not dispute liability, (ii) receives overpayments stemming from erroneous good faith under-withholdings for retirement or other benefits, (iii) receives overpayments of less than $500 from erroneous good faith wage, salary, or expense reimbursements, or (iv) is determined to be liable by a court of competent jurisdiction, then the employer shall be authorized to use payroll deductions limited to 25 percent of disposal earnings to effect repayment. If the officer or employee leaves state service, liability is disputed, or recovery cannot otherwise be accomplished, the employer shall request the Attorney General to bring an action for restitution.

SB 239 Suspected child abuse and neglect; mandatory reporting; penalties

Adds any person employed by a public or private institution of higher education to the list of individuals required to report suspected abuse or neglect of a child.


Procurement – Eric Denby

·      Any refund checks, for example, from Orbit, etc. need to be made to the University of Virginia, not person traveling.  Funds need to be deposited back into University account.

·       Rental car for guests – if they do other things, not business related, and have an accident, they are not covered by the University’s insurance.  Please let them know.

·      Introduced new Procurement Specialist – Kristin Floyd

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, May 23, 2012 at 10:00 am in the South Meeting Room, Newcomb Hall.

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