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Fiscal Administrators Meeting

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

South Meeting Room, Newcomb Hall

Pre-session – Fundriver Demo presented by Comptroller’s Office

Fundriver is a web-based endowment management software program that allows the University to more effectively and efficiently manage its endowments. The Comptroller’s Office implemented Fundriver more than a year ago to help make our central processes more efficient.  With Fundriver, we have been able to convert several manual processes into automated ones.  Now that we have stabilized our central processing using Fundriver, we are ready to make the system available to academic and other units that own endowments.  Fundriver has a Departmental Module that will allow units across the University to access to their endowment projects that are invested in the UVIMCO Long-Term Pool.  With access to Fundriver, units will be able to track monthly market values, endowment distributions, and even see an endowment’s restrictions.  In addition, Fundriver contains a Reports module, and we have developed a set of standard reports that will be available to units.

FA Meeting

Opening Comments – Eric Denby

University Bookstore – Pat Perkins

Cavalier Computers now offers the Safeware Protection Plan for computers, tablets, appliances and consumer electronics.

What is Safeware?

Safeware Protection Plans provide extended coverage and terms for computers and consumer goods that include:

·       Accidental Damage coverage for drops, spills, submersion, and cracked screens

·       Mechanical and electrical failure

·       Power surges that result in damage to the device

There are no additional deductibles and the protection is fully transferable.  The plan covers 100% parts and labor.

The limit of liability (or total amount of coverage) is the cost of the unit at the time of purchase.

Cavalier Computers offers three protection plans:

2 Year plan for purchases up to $1000 - $139 (example - iPad, digital camera, Xbox, Television, laptop)

4 Year plan for purchases up to $2000 - $299 (example - laptop, television)

4 Year plan for purchases $2000 and up - $399 (example – laptop, television)

Individuals can even purchase an item from another retailer and bring it in to Cavalier Computers with the original receipt and purchase a Safeware protection plan from us within the first year.  The item must be in like new condition to qualify for Safeware protection.

For questions, please call Cavalier Computers at 434-924-3475.

Associate Vice President for Finance – Melody Bianchetto

Organization Changes

Melody has been appointed by Pat Hogan as Associate Vice President for Finance.  Her direct reports are following including their new titles:

·       David Boling, Assistant VP for Finance & University Comptroller

·       Steve Kimata, Assistant VP for Student Financial Services

·       Gerry Kane, Assistant VP for Research Administration

Other changes include Gary Nimax becoming the Assistant VP for Compliance & Enterprise Risk Management and Jim Matteo, now the University Treasurer reporting to Mr. Hogan.

Mr. Hogan’s management team with expanded responsibilities are:

·       Vice President for Management and Budget Colette Sheehy, whose current responsibilities will be expanded to include the University Architect and Business Operations.

·       Assistant Vice President and Chief of Staff Megan Lowe, will take responsibility for the University’s Policy Office and programmatic aspects of AccessUVa, the University's financial aid program.

Information Security, Policy and Records – Lori Kressin

Apologized for her office not being as responsive lately, they have had many things going on.  They are as follows:

1.     University Records Management Policy and Institutional Physical Records Storage Standards are approved and are linked off the main Records Management web site (http://www.virginia.edu/recordsmanagement).

2.      Physical Records Storage Vendor Contracts are in place – have agreements in place with 2 vendors: Diversified Information Technologies (storage for standard records in Gordonsville, VA) and Cornerstone RM (storage for standard records in Sterling, VA).  Both meet federal standards.  Hope to add information to website by end of the week.

3.      URMA – rewriting by Infolinx, hope to complete by mid-July.  Advisory group is helping.  If you have entered information in old URMA, tell us what needs to be destroyed by May 1st.

4.     2013 ISPRO Conference

 Tuesday, June 25, 2013


 $25 fee to help offset expenses.  Also asking vendors for sponsorship.  First year we have had to charge.

We are planning a Records Management Day, but not sure when yet, maybe August or September.

Financial Administration – Susan Herod

Recon@UVa to IS Role Migration

Update as of April 17, 2013

·       The Recon@ roles have been loaded into the Integrated System!  You can view them using the Discoverer report Project Common Attributes in the GA_Reference workbook.

·       The new IS role called GM Role Manager is available to request in ESHARP.  If you just want Recon@UVa roles updated, check with your school’s current Role Maintainer (list available on the Recon@ website Contact Us -> Team) to determine if you should have this role.

·       Remember, if you are an Award or Project Manager, you will need the NEW role to update key member information.


·       Is GM Role Manager on ESHARP yet to request?

o   Yes, it is available under the GA (Grants Accounting) section of the Finance responsibilities.

·       Where is the training information for GM Role Manager?

o   Go to http://www.hr.virginia.edu/other-hr-services/employee-development/sys/is-tk/new-GM-resp2013 and scroll down to the Training section. There is a link for GM Role Manager online training.

Information Technology Services – Shy Hicks

PO Purchasers, AP Invoice Processors, and AP Fellows Stipend Processors

·       Because PO Purchasers, AP Invoice Processors, and AP Fellows Stipend Processors can also create payment vouchers, those responsibilities will be disabled on April 30th at 12:01 pm and re-enabled on May 1st at 7am.  We are still trying to determine how to allow these users in the system during month-end closing without allowing them access to the payment voucher.  Until we find a solution, we will have to continue to remove those responsibilities from Production at month-end.

Procurement and Supplier Diversity Services

John McHugh

At last month’s pre-session, we heard the Market Place is not intuitive, so we have made a few changes.  The message board on the left shows changes that were made…

·       The “Shop” bar at the top of the page has been changed to “Shop Hosted Catalogs”.

·       The “Submit” button in the shopping cart has been changed to “Return Cart to Integrated System.

·       All catalogs, including hosted catalogs can now be accessed by simply clicking on the logo.

UVa Contract searches and Purchasing forms can be accessed by clicking “Search UVA Purchasing Forms” icon and “Search UVa Contracts” icon.

Eric Denby

·       Two months until year end, start working on problem invoices and check receiving (still not being done).

·       The Accounts Payable staff has been receiving calls from departments with questions about the system, but are not logged in.  Please tell employees to log in before calling, that way, they can see and follow steps, and more easily understand how to resolve the problem.

·       When doing payment vouchers for business meal reimbursements, please include number of attendees in description field.  We need the number to calculate the reimbursement, we don’t need the names, keep that documentation in your office for audit purposes.  Business meals must be documented so they are not treated as taxable income.  Currently part of that documentation includes the names of attendees if 6 or less.  Departments can use the business meal certification form if they like or they can document using the paperclip on the payment voucher. 

Surplus Change

·       Starting April 1st, the local pickup of surplused items from University departments was expanded.  All items surplused at the University will be collected at your departmental location and no longer needed to be taken to the Surplus Property Depot ("Depot").  Electronic devices or media will continue to be picked up weekly by Creative Recycling Systems ("CRS").  All other items will be collected by JLR Auctions Asset Bridge ("JLR"), the vendor who has picked up your furniture, building materials, and appliances in the past few months.  This will eliminate all costs to departments for transporting items to the Depot. 

·       JLR will have the same pick up schedule; all "General Surplus" forms submitted by Thursday at noon will be picked up on the following Monday.  The first week will be processed as follows:  All "General Surplus" forms submitted on Monday, April 1, 2013, and before noon on Thursday, April 4, 2013, will be picked up at the designated department location on Monday, April 8, 2013.

·       Proceeds from the sale of surplus property will be held centrally, except for items purchased with "Grant" funds, and those proceeds will be returned to the grant.  The "General Surplus" form has been updated to only require a PTAEO when "Grant" funds were used to purchase the item(s) being surplused.  All other processes remain the same. 

·       Please visit the Surplus Property website at http://www.procurement.virginia.edu/pagesurplushome for the complete procedure.  Contact Dolores Hildebrand at 434-924-4233 or djh2c@virginia.edu for assistance.

The next meeting is Wednesday, May 8, 2013 at 10:00 am in the South Meeting Room, Newcomb Hall.

E-mail comments to: Comptroller@Virginia.edu
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