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General Comments – John McHugh

Office of the University Comptroller - Dave Boling

Reconciliations & timeliness - early April sent email to U Bus. Council. Reps schools & central.  Immediate priority is get current for FY14, but working on March and the three remaining months of year. Accounts from previous periods are already past due, but we still need complete them by June 30.

•   What seen in April - Preparer stats in March, 96% prepared on time. 10% higher than recent average.  Gap has really been with Approvers.  On average ~56% approved on time in the past. That is up to 80% in March. Few units still behind.  College of Arts & Sciences got close to 100% prepared & 96% approved on time.  Thank you to all for the extra efforts.  Auditors will be coming back before year-end for an update.  Please help us keep this going.

•   Cleaning up role assignments has helped; please continue that work as well.

•   Recon@ notification emails. Teams have met to review the process and review the language.  We plan to do a  pilot of the email notifications before rolling it out to everyone.

Devin Herod

•   There are a number of projects going on at UVA that may impact finance areas.  A week or so ago, a team was asked to release a survey related to the University Financial Model (previously NIFM), the Managerial Reporting Project, Organizational Excellence, and leadership initiatives.

•   The survey is fairly short and is structured to allow you to ask questions of the project stakeholders that are of interest to you.

•   We will send the survey link out again once more.  We encourage you to complete the survey by April 30th.  The anonymous survey results will be provided to the project leads so they are aware of your thoughts and common interests.

ITS Enterprise Applications - Sue Clements

Changes related to Integrated System access:

•   All IS users who hold any responsibility other than self-service will need to change their password annually.  If you have not changed it yet, it was suggested that users change it before leaving this afternoon.  If that is not done, the change that goes into effect tonight will prompt users to change it when signing in the next time.

•   When an employee terminates their primary assignment - all responsibilities will be terminated and they will be assigned the non-employee self-service access.

•   If a user’s Org and position number or org. and working title changes on their primary assignment, all current responsibilities will be end-dated and the new supervisor will need to use ESharp to request the applicable responsibilities for the user’s new role.

•   Q: When the new supervisor requests responsibilities that the user may have previously held, will re-training be required?  No.  Past training records are maintained in the system and people re-acquiring the same responsibilities will not need to attend training again.

•   Same changes coming to SIS in the near future.

Office of Sponsored Programs - Vonda Durrer

Change in Federal Reporting Requirements/Requesting payment of funds

•   Email Vonda (vd9k@virginia.edu) if you are having issues with internal service provider billing timeliness.  Will need to work to get that issue resolved due to impact related to the change in Federal Reporting Requirements/Requesting Payment of Funds.

•   Info also on website & will be kept up-to-date.

Procurement and Supplier Diversity Services - Eric Denby

•   Beginning December, Feds required that if purchasing goods or services, unless buying from established contract (Marketplace), if over $3,000, will need to seek competition.

•   Feds may require sampling of documentation to prove.

•   Will help avoid issues if begin practicing now and share info with departments.

•   Procurement will continue to seek to develop contracts to reduce the onus.

•   These requirements are tied to the Uniform Guidance

John McHugh

•   Catering Concierge - made award to America-to-Go (ATG) - most experience with Sciquest (Marketplace) & Higher Ed.  ATG is engaging caterers to load menus to catalog.  Catalog to-live in August.  Will schedule ATG to come in & provide training.  Do have ability to load custom menu to create menu if complex event.  Will not include UVA Catering, but always a first option & available through their website.  If current caterers contact you about letter, encourage them to contact America to Go. 

•   P-Card with local hotels - May 1st, you need to start using P-Card for local hotels.  Have sent multiple emails out related to prepare. If you have needs, must take the steps.  Form on website will give instructions as well.

•   Must have hotel lodging restriction lifted on your p-card, be aware who is on contract. Recently added Boars Head, not currently on list, but available. Updating contract list as new hotels are engaged.

•   P-card can be used for lodging & conference services as well as dining.

•   Will also send an additional receipt to cardholder. If you do not get that, need to let  PSDS know since hotels should be doing this by contract.

•   If you have local MasterCard, probably already have the restriction lifted.

•   Office Supplies, in final negotiations hope to make award in May.  Created a core list of items most purchased.  Negotiations were based on current best pricing of core items regardless of where the product came from. Final negotiated core list prices should be better than current best price. PSDS anticipates significant savings overall.  Will add vendor scorecard to measure performance and will provide additional vendor support to increase performance & your satisfaction.  Will send an email to update as process continues & plan to brief everyone at fiscal admin meeting in May.  Plan to  invite vendor to make presentation.

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, May 21, 2014 at 10:00am in the South Meeting Room, Newcomb Hall.

E-mail comments to: Comptroller@Virginia.edu
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