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General Comments – John McHugh

Intramural-Recreational Sports

Carol Spry, Marketing and Publications Coordinator

·      Overview of programs, memberships, facilities and collaboration with Hoo’s Well and the Contemplative Sciences Center – check out our website for everything you need to know, http://recsports.virginia.edu/

·      4 Facilities, Aquatic Fitness Center, North Grounds Recreation Center, Memorial Gym and Slaughter Recreation Center….also offer an Outdoor Center for rental of outdoor equipment, such as camping gear, etc.

·      Membership –

UVA Faculty & Staff with benefits, and retirees, are eligible to purchase a membership. Thanks to the continued support of the Employee Councils and University Administration, $50 is subsidized on one-year memberships for current full-time employees as part of their benefit package.

  • Current Faculty & Staff: $285/year; $175/4-months; $295/year; 185/4-months (Effective 7/1/14)
  • Retired Faculty & Staff: $335/year; $175/4-months; $345/year; 185/4-months (Effective 7/1/14)
  • Part-time Faculty & Staff: $335/year; $175/4-months; $345/year; 185/4-months (Effective 7/1/14)

  • Faculty & staff may sponsor additional individuals for membership:

  • Spouses: $335/year; $175/4-months; $345/year; 185/4-months (Effective 7/1/14)
    If employee and spouse don't share the last name, proof of marriage is required.
  • Plus One: $335/year; $175/4-months; $345/year; 185/4-months (Effective 7/1/14)
    One adult (age 18 & up) who resides in the same household as the sponsor.
  • Dependent: $335/year; $175/4-months; $345/year; 185/4-months (Effective 7/1/14)
    Ages 18–26 still claimed as a dependent on sponsor's taxes.
  • Youth: $50 child/year; 60/child/year (Effective 7/1/14)
    Age 17 & under

Jill Krantz, Director

How can we meet your needs, understands staff and faculty don’t have the same needs as students.  Took a straw poll of what the group might like.  Strongly encourages group to take early morning classes before students start arriving if you are not comfortable with them.

Office of the Comptroller – Lynne Schwar

·       Year-end dates - The Year-End Departmental Dates for Fiscal 2014 can be found on the Comptroller’s website using this url:  http://www.virginia.edu/finance/genacct/key_dates.html

Enterprise Applications, ITS – Sue Clements

·      Year-end cut off dates

      Fiscal Year end closing will be completed in the Integrated System on Monday, June 30, 2014. 

      Following are highlights of how year-end closing will impact user access to the Integrated       System.

  •       5:00 p.m.         June 29, 2014  All users temporarily disconnected from Integrated System

      Responsibilities that are not active during year end close will be disabled

  •       5:30 p.m.         June 29, 2014  Holders of IS responsibilities that remain active during year-end          close may log back on

      A listing of Active and Inactive Responsibilities for Year End Close are at:       http://www.virginia.edu/integratedsystem/about/activestatus.html

  •       7:00 a.m.         July 1, 2014     Previously disabled responsibilities are re-enabled
  •       10:00 a.m.       July 1, 2014     Budget Load; Some restrictions on activity (to be sent under                                                          separate email)

OSP – Export Controls – Kelly Hochstetler

·      Restricted foreign travel – wanted to raise awareness…following is email from John Simon and Pat Hogan addressing issues.

As the Spring term draws to a close and focus shifts to summer research and travel plans, we wanted to take a moment to remind you of the export control requirements associated with University travel and with personal travel if you plan to take University-owned items, such as your laptop.  We also want you to understand that violations of these requirements can result in serious fines and penalties for you personally and for the University.  That said, the take-home message here is simple:  If you are planning any of the activities described below, please contact the University's Office of Export Controls well in advance for assistance in obtaining any necessary licenses or other authorizations. You can reach the Office of Export Controls by email (export-controls@virginia.edu), phone (2-5725 or 3-7295), or in-person at Carruthers Hall.  You can also find more information on these issues at http://www.virginia.edu/sponsoredprograms/exportcontrols/travel.html.

Activities Involving Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria and Russia*

Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria are subject to comprehensive sanctions that can restrict normal university activities (e.g., instruction; mentoring; taking or sending research data, samples or equipment; receiving research data, samples or equipment; engaging in research collaborations; and presenting scholarly work).  University policy (FIN-043) requires prior approval from the Office of Export Controls for all activities, including travel, occurring in or involving individuals located in comprehensively sanctioned countries.  Failure to obtain prior authorization may result in disallowance of associated charges for unauthorized activities, including travel reimbursement.  Don't assume that a foreign university, conference sponsor, or host in one of these countries will "take care" of your export control responsibilities as they are likely unaware of the specific requirements. 

*The ongoing situation in Ukraine makes the sanctions against Russia very dynamic.  If you are planning activities in Russia, please closely monitor any US Government announcements about Russia sanctions as they take effect immediately and can impact travel, business, finances, and technology transfers.

Travel with University-Owned Items**

Taking or sending University-owned items, including software, equipment, and information subject to access or confidentiality requirements, to foreign countries is subject to US export control regulations even when the item or information will be returned to the US.  Common University-owned items (e.g. standard issue laptops, PDAs, and smart phones) may be taken with you on travel to most countries without a license provided they remain under your personal control.  However, as noted above, taking even these common items to sanctioned countries is generally prohibited. 

Unfortunately, we cannot provide a list of items that will require a license for temporary use outside the US as such determinations are complicated.  However, license requirements are most commonly associated with items that have military uses (e.g., sensors, infrared cameras, encryption technology, and image analysis software), infectious agents, high-tech electronics, nuclear technology, and proprietary or restricted access technical information such as may be provided by a research sponsor. 

**Different rules apply to personally-owned items taken abroad by travelers for their personal use. 

Procurement and Supplier Diversity Services

Jack King, Business Operations Manager (jek7s@virginia.edu)

·      Meeting Expo – Minority Business Day, June 10th 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm, with be held in the Ballroom of Newcomb Hall, get to know them and they get to know us, non-construction vendors.  Look for email soon.

John McHugh

·      Announced new punchout catalog for restaurants and caterers…America to Go.  Please click on link below for details.


·      Office Supply Contract – still negotiating, hopeful it will be wrapped up in two weeks.

·      Travel Expense Management – we have had presentations from two firms, thanks to volunteers who will help with process.  You will hear more when plan is in place.

·      A few important YE cutoff dates:

Pay Voucher – June 18

Receivers – June 20

MarketPlace – June 29

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, June 11, 2014 at 10:00AM in the South Meeting Room, Newcomb Hall.

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