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General Comments – John McHugh

Department of Drama & Heritage Theatre Festival – Judy McPeak

·      Heritage Theatre Festival Season – the summer professional theatre of the University of Virginia, offers a faculty and staff discount for its 40th Anniversary Season!  This year’s lineup includes An Evening with Groucho, Thoroughly Modern Millie, Shear Madness (directed by Bryan Garey), Avenue Q, and One Man, Two Guvnors.  For more information, visit our website at www.uvahtf.org.

Enterprise Applications, ITS – Sue Clements

·      Year-end cut off dates reminder

            Fiscal Year end closing will be completed in the Integrated System on Monday,

            June 30, 2014. 

             Following are highlights of how year-end closing will impact user access to the      Integrated System.

            5:00 p.m.         June 29, 2014 -All users temporarily disconnected from Integrated System

                                    Responsibilities that are not active during year end close will be disabled

            5:30 p.m.         June 29, 2014 - Holders of IS responsibilities that remain active during                                           year-end close may log back on

                                    A listing of Active and Inactive Responsibilities for Year End Close are                                          at: http://www.virginia.edu/integratedsystem/about/activestatus.html

            7:00 a.m.         July 1, 2014 - Previously disabled responsibilities are re-enabled

            10:00 a.m.       July 1, 2014 -  Budget Load; Some restrictions on activity (to be sent                                              under separate email)

Procurement and Supplier Diversity Services – Carrie McGowan/Dolores Hildebrand

·      Changes to year-end review and training for P-cards.

            New pcard training tracking system, employees will receive an email around two months before training needs to be done.  Refresher training available now, employees won’t         have to take the long one again.

Take the on-line "Authorizer-Training for All Card Programs."   If training is not completed, cardholders under your delegation will be suspended.  Emails will be sent when training is about to expire.

Conduct a review of employees that have cards by using the Pcard Holder/Authorizer Info Search page.  Search by your email ID to review all cardholders under your delegation to ensure they have the correct type of card(s) -- State and/or Local, all cardholders listed are under your authority and still need their card, and they have appropriate spending limits and restrictions.

If changes are needed, request cardholders submit changes to the Purchasing Card Administrator by submitting the Pcard Change Request form. Forms will automatically be routed to you as the Authorizer for approval.

The Purchasing Card Administrators will review cardholders’ limits that are over $4,999 per transaction and/or $10,000 monthly. Cardholders may be placed in lower limits if their yearly spend does not warrant the higher limits.

Associate Vice President Finance – Melody Bianchetto

·      APA Comments - follow up and what is to come….

            The APA recommended that we implement tighter security measures in the Integrated      System (Human Resources, Finance, and Student Information System).  Following are         several major changes that have taken place.

§  Required annual password changes for system users, including those who use manager self-service

§  Termination of all system access when an employee changes positions within the University

§  Enforcement of employee offboarding to ensure managers terminate access completely for employees leaving the University

§  Current audit procedures will be expanded

§  The IS website has been improved to clarify procedures on granting user access to the University’s Integrated System: http://www.virginia.edu/integratedsystem/gettingStarted/

            Teresa Wimmer talked briefly about the password changes and termination of        system access.

                  Password changes

If users had not changed their Integrated System password over the last year, they received an email prompting them to make that change.  Going forward, a series of system-generated emails will alert employees annually when their password is about to expire.   New passwords must be “strong” passwords.  Employees who only use Employee Self-Service will not be affected.   Additional information can be found at http://www.virginia.edu/integratedsystem/faq/faq.html#passwords

Termination of all system access

When employees transfer within the University or move to the inactive payroll they will have all their HR/Finance responsibilities terminated.  Their new manager will have to request required responsibilities through ESHARP, just as they would for a new employee.  For more information on how ESHARP works, go to http://its.virginia.edu/esharp/.  For questions about ESHARP, contact the UVa Help Desk at 924.HELP.

Michael Schwartz talked about the Offboarding progam that is in place that outlines managerial responsibility around system access.   Managers should request Integrated System responsibilities be terminated on the employee’s last day of work.   Terminating employees’ access to the Integrated System is revoked within 24 hours, though they retain rights to Employee Self-Service to access their own records.   For more on offboarding, see www.hr.virginia.edu/go/offboarding For questions about offboarding, contact the HR Service Center at 924.0123.

Lynne Schwar spoke on the Reconciliation comment to improve internal controls to monitor and enforce the timely preparation and approval of reconciliations.

Status emails sent to Business Officers Council have resulted in increased compliance

·      Thank you for continued efforts to improve compliance with monthly reconciliations

o   March and April – above 70% on time, although March lagged a bit

o   With two months left, it is important to finish strong for FY14

·      Email process has been reviewed and streamlined – working toward implementation

o   Reminder – sent 5 days prior to due date to preparers, examiners, approvers

o   Overdue – sent 30 days after month end close to fiscal officers

o   Executive – sent 60 days after month end close to Deans and VPs

o   PILOT – in July for June recons, dependent on technical resources

o   We are looking for volunteers at school/Mbu level

A question asked during the discussion about IS access and responsibilities:  (paraphrasing)  How can I review and correct Project and/or Award Managers?

The easiest way to identify all projects or awards for which someone is set up as a key member is the run the Discoverer reports Award Key Member Change Request Sheet or Project Key Member Change Request Sheet.  Both of these reports are in the GA_Reference Reports workbook in the ODS.  These reports provide a parameter for Current Role Holder Computing ID.  Entering a user id in this field will restrict your results to only those where that person is listed as a key member.  Once the reports have been run, you can use them as a checklist to ensure that you update the awards and/or projects with a new (replacement) key member.  If the report returns 50 or more rows that require updates, you may follow the instructions provided in the following link to work with ITS-EA to automatically make the updates required.


Procurement and Supplier Diversity Services

            Terry Butler

·      YE cut-off dates, see website


            Lynne Schwar

·      Accounting Services YE cut-off dates


            John McHugh

·       The Minority Supplier event went very well yesterday.  Over 20 vendors attended and each learned a lot about the University and Higher Education.  Thank you if you came.

·      Owens & Minor catalog had been implemented.  It’s a punch-out used primarily by the Medical School.  Owens and Minor is working on improving catalog functionality.

·      America to Go (ATG) - 25 local caterers have signed agreements and are working on menus to add to catalog.  Hope to turn on August 1st.  ATG is planning to come to the pre-session before the August Fiscal Administrators meeting.  Think about how you place orders, and if event planners will need UVa Marketplace training to place orders, or will shoppers place orders in UVa Marketplace for planners.  Plan to attend training to see how to use the catalog.

·      Office Supplies – very close to making an award, hope to by the end of the month.  Plan to roll out in August, training will be required.  You will be hearing a lot about it soon.

There will be no meeting in July.  The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, August 13, 2014 in the South Meeting Room at 10:00am.

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