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WEDNESDAY, JULY 19, 2017, 10:00 AM


General Comments – Randy Ellis

·       Introduce Jerry Burke, new Assistant Vice President for Financial Operations

o   Learn more about Jerry:  http://uvafinance.blogspot.com/2017/06/

·       Lynne Schwar will be transitioning the role of Recon@ Administrator to Josh Breeden. 

o   Get to know a little more about the new face behind the Recon@ email box below:

§  Hi everyone!  I am a 2015 graduate from JMU and have been with UVA since October 2015.  As I quickly approach my 2 year anniversary with UVA, I am excited to “learn the ropes” of the Recon@ system and hope to make your reconciliation processes that much smoother.  Hang tight as Lynne and I collaborate over the next few months to meet your recon needs! J

·       Endowment Spending Distribution increased by 1.96% in FY18 which calculates to 5.04% of the June 30, 2016 market value.

·       Fixed Assets

o    Equipment inventory certification form should be turned in ASAP. 

o   ETF Phase1 budget has been loaded.  Look for the kick-off meeting in Early September. 

·       Annual audit is underway.

o   They are looking more thoroughly at invoices and receipts.

o   Email Randy with any questions

Managerial Report Project – Danielle Hancock

·       GL Recon Module (Part 2)

·       Tips & Tricks for UBI – GL Details Recon Module

o   https://ubicommunity.virginia.edu/community/resources-documentation/content?filterID=contentstatus%5Bpublished%5D~category%5Btips-and-tricks%5D

Procurement and Supplier Diversity Services – Eric Denby

·       Chrome River Errors and Prevention – Lisa Atkins

o   When expensing your T&E card transactions the system will now allow you to expense items if you had multiple transactions with the same vendor, amount and date. You will not receive the duplicate error message. This will make the expensing of multiple transactions such as Fed-ex and multiple traveler transactions easier.

o   When attaching receipts to an expense report you must attach the receipts at the line level and not at the header.    Receipts will no longer be accepted at the header level. Reports with receipts attached at the header level will be returned for correction. This was causing issues at the approval level.

o   When expensing transactions to grants, please ensure the expense type you are selecting is allowed on your grant to prevent it from rejecting in the Integrated System. To see transaction controls for your grant please visit Office of Sponsored Programs.

o   Please ensure you are expensing Bank of America transactions from the Credit Card section of the eWallet so they are processed as credit card reconciliations and not reimbursements. Make sure that you are merging your receipts with the BOA transaction that it goes with before putting in to the expense report. 

·       Miscellaneous

Strategic Sourcing = Serious Savings

In the fall of 2014, Procurement and Supplier Diversity Services, in partnership with Organizational Excellence, began a Strategic Sourcing initiative.  The aim of the initiative was to deliver increased savings and better service to those who buy at UVA. 

Nearly three years in, the results have been impressive:  $2.8 million in contract savings in FY ’17 alone (including office supplies, inbound freight, catering, promotional products and Virginia Higher Education Procurement Collaborative savings such as Grainger, Enterprise and Fisher). 

An additional $2.5 million has been saved in FY ’17 on department specific contracts, bringing the grand total to $5.3 million in FY ‘17. That’s no small change!

It’s the everyday support of those who buy at the University that makes these contracts work.  Thank you for making the choice to buy on contract!


Why buy from a contract vendor?

·       Better pricing and negotiated discounts

·       Vendor performance is monitored by Procurement

·       Contract vendors have a vested interest in keeping UVA customers happy

·       Ideal terms and conditions for purchases

·       Electronic catalogs

·       eVA fees paid by Strategic Suppliers

Crystal Springs Water

We have recently become aware that some cardholders have been experiencing issues with Crystal Springs (Doing business as DS Services), the company that bought Shenandoah Water. The issues include:  continued recurring billing after a request to cancel the account has been made, billing for product that has never been ordered or delivered, and billing for equipment that originally belonged to Shenandoah Water and has never been picked up.

The University does not have a contract with this company and Procurement and Supplier Diversity Services will assist with the close out of canceled accounts. If you’ve had difficulty with Crystal Springs, please contact Laura Burns at lmb2j@virginia.edu with details and include an account number if you have one.

Listed below are upcoming courses, workshops, labs, and Brown Bag Sessions for July and August 2017. In the future, upcoming training sessions will be listed in the UVAFinance email you receive every other week, so to minimizing sending duplicate information we will not be sending this separate email. Information on upcoming training will continue to be listed in the Fiscal Administrator’s meeting agenda and notes as well.

We hope you will take advantage of these professional development opportunities for finance professionals. Links to enroll via Employee Self-Service are available from the Events section on the Finance Outreach and Compliance website at http://foc.virginia.edu/.

Brown Bag Sessions

  • Supplier Diversity

Why is Supplier Diversity important? Increasing and maintaining relationships with diverse suppliers helps to support UVA’s mission of delivering high-quality education, research, public service and healthcare. We are committed to supporting this mission by developing and maintaining sustainable and positive relationships with qualified and reliable small, women, and minority-owned (SWAM) businesses. In this session we will provide information and answer your questions about the mission and history of supplier diversity at UVA, how a supplier qualifies as a SWAM business, resources to help you find and work with SWAM businesses, and SWAM contracts. 

o   July 26, 12:00-2:00 pm

o   Presented by Les Haughton, Directory of Supplier Diversity, PSDS

o   Carruthers Hall, Carr-1 and 2

  • Sustainability and UVA’s Green Workplace Program

Do you know about UVA’s Green Workplace Program? Team members from the Office for Sustainability will join us to discuss actions we can all take to conserve energy, advance sustainability at UVA, and even save money!  Come join your colleagues for this session to hear more about the Green Workplace Program, the certification program, and other ways to increase sustainability efforts at UVA.

o   August 9, 12:00-2:00 pm

o   Presented by Dana Schroeder, UVA Office for Sustainability

o   Carruthers Hall, Carr-1 and 2

  • Using UBI: Tips and Tricks

Discoverer will soon be unavailable for GA, GL, and LD reporting, but like many, you may be reluctant to start using UBI to run your reports. In this session, you will learn about basic navigational tips, how to tag favorites, best practices for exporting and printing data, and customizing and sharing reports. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions and learn about the UBI Community. This course offers tips for using UBI and is not meant to replace the Introduction to UBI or Advanced UBI courses.

o   August 23, 12:00-2:00 pm

o   Presented by Ashley Bagby, Managerial Reporting Project

o   Carruthers Hall, Carr-1 and 2

Courses, Workshops, and Labs

  • Finance Fundamentals

What is UVA’s mission? What is the Code of Ethics and why is it important? What is the organizational structure of UVA and where do you fit in? What is a PTAEO? What are the sources of revenue at UVA and how are funds processed? What do you need to know about internal controls, and what are some best practices to follow? In this class you will get answers to these questions and more, as well as have an opportunity to interact and network with other administrative professionals. This class is a required course for access to the finance applications in the Integrated System, but is also open to anyone who wants to learn about UVA’s financial operations.

    • July 25, 1:30-4:30
    • August 8, 1:30-4:30
    • August 22, 1:30-4:30
    • All sessions are held in Carruthers Hall, Conference Room 2
  • Reconciling Expenditures in Recon@UVA (formerly Mastering Account Reconciliations)

All departments spend money, whether it is for office supplies, equipment, or personnel. It is important to reconcile these purchases each month to maintain strong internal control standards. This course is designed to help UVA staff and faculty who prepare, review and approve expenditure reconciliations navigate these processes in the Recon@UVA system. We will discuss how to accurately complete monthly expenditure reconciliations for transactions that occur in the Integrated System’s Grants Management (GM) module in compliance with UVA policy and procedures.

    • July 20, 1:30-4:00
    • Carruthers Hall, Carr-2
  • Reconciling General Ledger Revenue – New Class!

To maintain strong Internal Control standards, it is important to reconcile your revenue accounts as well as your expenditure accounts. This course is designed to help UVA staff and faculty who prepare, review, and approve revenue reconciliations navigate the General Ledger (GL) revenue reconciliation process at UVA using University Business Intelligence (UBI). We will discuss how accurately complete your monthly revenue reconciliations in compliance with UVA policy and procedures.

o   A July class will be scheduled – check Events section of http://foc.virginia.edu/

o   August 3, 1:30-4:00

o   Carruthers Hall, Carr-2

  • Reconciling General Ledger Revenue: Lab – New Class!

Do you need help with the new Monthly GL Reconciliation Procedure? During this lab, you will be able to log into UBI and complete your monthly revenue reconciliation with help from the UVAFinance team. IMPORTANT: This a lab where you can bring your work with you to get help in completing your revenue reconciliations using the new procedure. It is not intended to replace the instructor-led, Reconciling General Ledger Revenue class where you learn about policy and procedure.

o   July 24, 9:00-11:30

o   August 10, 1:30-4:00

o   All sessions held at 2400 Old Ivy Road, room 136

  • ExpenseUVA: Lab

Do you need help with UVA's new expense management system, ExpenseUVA? During this lab, you will be able to log into the live system and submit expense reports help from the UVAFinance team. You will also learn where to go for resources and help. IMPORTANT: This class is a lab where you can come for help with entering actual expenses, and is not intended to replace the online training. Please complete the Expense Management System - Online Training prior to attending the lab and bring your work with you. Please arrive at the stated time of the class and then stay as long as you like. For immediate training and help, please refer to the online training Expense Management System - Online Training

    • July 21, 9:00-11:00 am
    • July 27, 9:00-11:00 am
    • August 17, 1:00-3:00 pm
    • August 28, 9:00-11:00 am
    • All sessions held at 2400 Old Ivy Road, room 136

As always, if you have any questions, suggestions, or need to discuss training needs, please contact us at foc-training@virginia.edu.

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, August 9, 2017, at 10:00am in the South Meeting Room, Newcomb Hall.

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