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Fiscal Administrators Meeting

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

South Meeting Room, Newcomb Hall

Opening Comments – Dave Boling

·       Endowment Distribution – earlier this year, first half was in July, the second half will be done in January.  The VP’s are considering one distribution per year beginning in FY15.  This decision will be made is a couple months.

·       FY13 Audit – is underway, State Auditors will be here until mid-October or November.  Financial Aid and Sponsored Programs are in their cycle this year.  Departments may be visited in the next month while they are completing their field work.

·       Video Streaming FA Meetings – A survey may be sent to fiscal administrators asking if you are interested in having the meetings streamed.  We may have to move to an alternate location that is better equipped for this.

Office of University Comptroller – Lynne Schwar

·       Recon@

July Month-End - the system was not updated on Aug 1 for July month-end, which prevented Preparers from sending their July reconciliations forward.  Recon@ was back up and running on Saturday, Aug 3rd.  Month-end reminder emails were not sent, and the examiner/approver notifications resumed on Aug 6

Two new reports - Role Assignment Report and Alternate Approvers Report found on the Reports Tab

    • Role Assignment Report displays role assignments for each project, and includes a drop down box to display alternate role assignments if applicable. The information can be filtered and sorted by various criteria, much like the Summary page, and can be exported for additional analysis.
    • Alternate Approvers Report was designed primarily as a “checklist” tool for sponsored project reconciliations that were approved by an assigned alternate. Procedure 1-4a requires the PI to sign a printed copy of the BBA Report when an alternate approver prepares the reconciliation. Like the report above, it can be filtered, sorted, and exported for additional analysis.
  • Role Maintenance
    • Reminder:  roles are maintained in the IS now by UVA GM Role Managers in the departments.  Fiscal Contact in IS populates the Preparer in Recon@.  Changes to Fiscal Contact and/or Examiner on sponsored projects can be made by the Role Managers (this is new).
    • Important Note:  If you are a role manager, please remember to end-date the current key member before adding the new.  An existing key member should never be changed or deleted – this can create discrepancies between the IS and Recon@ which are not easily fixed.  Training is available within the HR Toolkit for GM Role Managers found at this link:  http://www.hr.virginia.edu/other-hr-services/employee-development/sys/new-GM-resp2013.
    • New FAQs about role maintenance
  • Additional enhancements to be implemented in September

o   Adding text boxes for Approver and Preparer search options on the Summary page

    • Adding end date and project status to descriptive info in the Summary header for project/award combinations
    • Adding "Percent Completed on Time" to the Welcome screen

University Bookstore/Cavalier Computers – Pat Perkins/Brandon McGann

·       New UVA Health Systems Pharmacy opening in the Bookstore 

Hope to open by August 24, 2013

Any valid prescription may be filled

Insurance - UVA Health Plan (Aetna through Catamaran) will be active soon; contracting with associate other plans as quickly as the new location can be added to existing or new contracts.

      Employees will be able to transfer prescriptions from another pharmacy to this pharmacy.  Just call 434-243-5509          or email UVABookstoreRx@virginia.edu with your information.

The pharmacy will order prescription or non-prescription (OTC) products not currently stocked in the Bookstore.

The pharmacy will mail completed prescriptions upon request, a small shipping/handling fee may apply

·       Cavalier Computers Tech Trade-In Program – bring items in and get credit.  Credit may be used at Cavalier Computers, the Bookstore or TJ Locker.  Will receive gift card with credit at when item brought in.

How does it work?

Search for the device you have at the link. Once you find it, you will be asked some very simple questions about the condition of the device. Once you confirm your answers, you will be given a quote. Bring this quote along with the device to the University Bookstore for trade-in.

What kind of technology do you accept for trade-in?

Please browse our list by starting a trade-in quote. Click on the ‘Trade-in’ link to begin. Examples of items most likely eligible for trade-in include: iPod, iPad, iPhone, and MacBook/MacBook Pro.

How do I get paid?

Bring your quote and the device to the Tech Shop, located in the University Bookstore. The staff will verify the condition of the device. Upon verification, you will be issued a University Bookstore gift card for the amount of the quote.

Do I pay for shipping?

No, the University Bookstore will pack your device and ship it to the program provider.

What can I use the University Bookstore gift card for?

The gift card can be used at the University Bookstore, Cavalier Computers or TJ Locker. This includes purchases of new technology, books (trade and textbooks), Cavalier apparel, as well as snacks and convenience items at the Bookstore. This card never expires; just make purchases until all the funds have been used.

Is the quote a guaranteed amount?

Not necessarily.  In most cases, the condition you claimed during the quote process is accurate, but the condition assessed by the University Bookstore may be different and result in a different paid amount.  You have the right to accept or reject the new quote.  If you decline the quote, we will simply cancel the agreement and give you back the device.

Q:  Can you verify that equipment traded in is not owned by the University?

A:  No, will take back and discuss.

Q: Will personal data be removed from hard drive?

A:  Yes, Encore handles.

Remember to charge equipment before bringing.  You will have to wait for us to charge if not done ahead of time.

Training and Outreach – Devin Herod

Business Professional Development Program

·       Intermediate Certification graduation – September Fiscal Admin meeting (Sept 17th)

·       Assoc. Vice President for Finance Melody Bianchetto will present

o   ~40 people completed the required 4 courses and 2 Basic level courses

o   Award & Cash Management

o   Basic Fund Accounting

o   Controlling Cash, Checks & Credit Cards

o   Mastering Account Reconciliations

·       Invitations going out soon to those who have completed the program already and we contacted the few people who had one or two courses remaining to remind them about the August courses.

·       Courses will be offered every 2 mos. for near future beginning again in October. People can register at our website: http://www.virginia.edu/finance/uvabp/

·       Fliers for the program with website address can be obtained in the back.

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI) Update

·       As many of you know, UVA achieved institutional compliance with for the first time in March 2013 as a result of the tremendous efforts of our merchant departments.

·       This is an on-going process, and issues in a single merchant department can have repercussions that take the entire University out of compliance.

o   To aid in on-going compliance, last year we required that merchant departments appoint a PCI Coordinator who would be the department’s expert in credit card issues and liaison with UVA Payment Card Services.

o   We have developed training for the PCI Coordinators to provide an overview of responsibilities, provide tools, and discuss PCI requirements.  For most departments that have been taking credit cards more than a year and PCI Coordinators have not changed, training is not mandatory.

§  Thurs Sept 12th, 1:30 – 4:30, Carruthers Conf. Room A

§  Sept. 19th 1:30-4:30 pm, Carruthers Conf. Room E

o   We will be contacting current PCI Coordinators with the dates and information soon.  Others who may be interested in attending may contact us (uva_payment_card_svcs@virginia.edu) and we will accommodate them as room allows or schedule additional sessions if there is demand

o   These sessions will then be offered quarterly for new PCI Coordinators.  The next session will be held in early to mid-December.

·       2013-2104 PCI Audit

o   To align the PCI audit and attestation of compliance with University data security assurance, we will be conducting this coming year’s audit in October 2013 to meet the December 2013 deadline for compliance.

o   For many that completed the Self-assessment questionnaires in the past year, completing the SAQ should not cause much of a problem.  You just need to verify or update your current processes and document any changes.

o   For people new to the process, we will be presenting at the Comptroller’s Training and Outreach Brown Bag on October 9th in Newcomb Hall 389.  Workshop to answer questions about SAQ’s.

·       Reminder: EPay, the UVA web payment gateways is available for workshops, conferences, subscription fees, payments for goods or services, receivable payments, and application fees.

o   A few brochures available here or contact us at: uva_payment_card_svcs@virginia.edu

Assistant Comptroller – Susan Herod

·       Finance Job Families

Susan Herod spoke about an ongoing project to streamline the job titles, led by UHR.  Susan is the “lead” for finance jobs, which include the areas of Accounting, Budget, Financial Analysis, Financial and Fiscal Operations, Payroll, Procurement, and Treasury. Information about the Finance Job Family is being posted at http://www.virginia.edu/finance/jobfam/.  All the job families are highlighted on the new www.myuvajob.com website. If you want to see what the final product of the committee will be, look at the formats and comparison options available at http://www.hr.virginia.edu/job/ .

Q: Where will Business Administrators be aligned?  Finance or General Administration?

A: That is still being discussed.  The rule of thumb that UHR is using is what the 60% accuracy match is for your job.  Are you primarily finance with other administrative duties?  Or are you primarily general administration with finance (ex. some reconciliations) as a collateral duty?

Q: Will this project affect salary matches?

A: Yes, this is part of an overall project to update the salary matches.

University Human Resources – Anne Broccoli

·       Benefits Open Enrollment – dates changed this year, will be October 7–25.  A packet will be sent to employees homes next week and information will go on the web at that time.

·       Bio-screening will occur August – October, we have ramped up this year from 4000 slots to 8000.

·       Major changes are coming to the University of Virginia health plan.

With U.Va. facing rising health care costs, spiking expenses of high-dollar claims and looming fees and taxes connected with federal health reform, the modifications are designed to maintain the quality of the plan and contain costs in the years ahead.

Among the major changes:

·   Emphasis on wellness: Plan premiums will rise about $40 a month this year. Employees, however, can avoid increases by completing two components of U.Va.’s Hoo’s Well program – a biometric screening and an online health assessment.

·   New plan option: The University is adding a third plan option, featuring low premiums and a high deductible.  A “Health Savings Account,” included as part of the new option, will receive $1,000 at the start of each year from U.Va. to help pay for eligible medical expenses.

·   Working spouse provision: Starting Jan. 1, spouses who have access to coverage through their own employer will no longer be eligible for coverage under U.Va.’s plan.  Spouses who do not have coverage elsewhere can remain on the employee’s plan, and coverage of children is not affected.

·   New dental plans: Beginning in 2014, dental coverage will be separated from the health plan.  Employees will have options including no dental coverage, a basic plan, and an enhanced plan that includes some coverage of orthodontia.

·   Tobacco-free rewards: This year, employees can earn $10 per month if the employee certifies that all adults in the household are tobacco-free

What isn’t changing? For one, co-payment amounts in all plans will stay the same as in the current plan. Preventive care, such as annual wellness exams, mammograms, etc., will also continue to be fully covered in all plans.

Treasury Management – Jim Matteo

·       Departmental Outreach

                  Cash Management Outreach

1.     University Receipts

§  Remote Deposit Service

§  Courier Review

§  On-site review being piloted with Parking & Transportation

2.     Department Cash Balances

§  Cash Deficit Resolution

§  Idle Cash Balances

3.     Internal Investments

§  Increase IIP Investments by 25%

§  Consider Pool Enhancements

o   Review of Pool Minimums and Terms

o   Review of Allowable Fund Sources

Procurement and Supplier Diversity Services

John McHugh

·       Email went out this week stating that Hertz has opened an office in the Cavalier Inn.  The Rio Hill location is still open also.

·       Fedex – we are looking at Fedex, trying to make sure all business being done is through our contract.  A targeted email went out to departments who may not have been attached to the contract.  If you have any questions, please contact Shannon Wampler at saw2s or 4-3173.

·       RFP for Catering Concierge -  in early stages with 4 firms.  Will help departments deal with Caters and allow transactions to flow easier through the Marketplace.  May have contract in two months.

The next meeting is Tuesday, September 17, 2013 at 10:00 am in the South Meeting Room, Newcomb Hall.

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