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Fiscal Administrators Meeting

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

South Meeting Room, Newcomb Hall



FWS Training and Updates, 2012-2013 was covered in this session, please see website.


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FA Meeting


Opening Comments – Eric Denby


Accounting Services – Ken Sinarski

·      For those departments that have a need to send invoices to external entities, please keep in mind that our Accounts Receivable Department can bill for you.  All you need to do is enter the vendor and invoice, we can take it from there.  If you are doing your own billing, there are state policies that must be followed so you should talk to us to make sure you are doing it right.  We can also help you collect those unpaid invoices.  Contact us at www.virginia.edu/finance/ar.

·      Accounting services collects all returned checks for the University.  If the payer is a student, the charge is added to their student account.  If it’s not a student, the payer is billed through AR.  If a person is directly trying to repay a returned check to you, you must also collect the bad check fees ($50).  If this should occur, please contact AR so we do not continue to try to recover the funds for the bad check and fee.

·      We have brochures available about credit card processing.  The first, titled “UVA Primer on Payment Cards and PCI Data Security Standards” will tell you all you need to know about credit cards at U.Va.   The second describes the gateway the University offers for taking credit card payments over the Web and it is called “EPay@UVA Online Credit Card and eCheck Processing at UVA”.  Please contact BC Worsely if you would like some.  If you have questions about credit cards, you are interested in applying to take credit cards for a University-related activity, or you just want to know more, contact UVA Payment Card Service or visit our website at www.virginia.edu/finance/ecommerce.


Business Professional Development Graduates – The following employees were recognized and received certificates for completing this program.  For more information on this program, please visit our website at


Anderson, Kim                                               Houchens, Ginger

Anderson, Lucy                                              Lillard, Tabitha

Aukstikalnis, Chris                                         Love, Devonia

Austin-Johnson, Marie                                   McDaniel, Theresa

Church, Cathie                                                Neal, Susan

Clatterbuck, Robin                                          O'Rourke, Louise

Craig, Judy                                                      Reynolds, Tonya

Crawford, Ila                                                   Sanford, Wanda

Crawford, Wanda                                            Soderlund, Carol

Curnow, Camilla                                             Stratton, Tammy

Dell, Royanne                                                 Vining, Paulette

Ferguson, Cary                                               Watson, Beth

Froelich, Cathy                                               Wender, Melissa

Haghighian, Hosni                                           White, Debra

Hite, Heather                                                  Whiting, Harriet

Congratulations to all of you!


Employee Development, UHR – Patty Marbury

Update on Systems Training – Now a webpage for each functional area.  All information on all systems is consistent and available in one location.  http://www.hr.virginia.edu/other-hr-servics/employee-development/sys/

System Toolkits.




John McHugh

·      Catalog Vendors - Goal for this year is to convert all catalog vendors to electronic invoicing.  This improves efficiency, accuracy and because PSDS pays the PO price, it helps with reconciliation.  We may lose some vendors due to the high expectations of electronic invoicing, or due to firms lacking the resources to do it.  The goal is to convert 100% of existing catalogs to electronic invoicing

·      Travelectra – The go live date is scheduled for September 4th.  An email will go out with information and links before then.  Links will also be in the Marketplace.  The use of the P-card is the biggest change.  Travelers can bundle airline, hotel and rental car on the p-card if Travelectra is used for travel. Only airline tickets can be purchased with the p-card if another firm is used.  

·      Local hotels will eventually be booked through the Travelectra on-line reservation tool.  We are close to arriving at agreements with all area hotels.  Boars Head Inn, Omni and Hampton Inn are still in negotiations.  A $6.00 transaction fee will be charged until a contract is signed with these local hotels. All other local hotels under contract have agreed to pay the transaction fee.  PSDS encourages use of the on-line reservation tool after go-live

·      There is a price match guarantee in Travelectra.

·      State per diems are built in to the tool.

·      Saves time for departments

·      Barbara Deily (Chief Audit Executive) stated that if an employee books an international trip through Travelectra and a crisis occurs, they are able to help locate and reach out to the traveler.

            Q.  Can local conferences be set up through Travelecta?

            A.  The reservation system is not designed to set-up conferences but
     Travelectra can assist with the details of conference if those services are needed.

            Q. Do we still need to save boarding passes?

            A. Yes, still required for audit purposes to show that trip was actually taken.


Eric Denby

·      Traveletra is a huge contract to help record spend in travel.  We are first in the State to use.

·      Be aware that State Auditors may be coming to Departments asking for documentation.  Often we get written up for Supervisors not signing P-Card Statements.  Please review your statements and make sure this has been done.

·      Annual training for P-Card approvers should have been done by July 31st.  An email went out to approvers who have not done the training.  If the training is not done, the P-Card holder’s card will be suspended.

·      Receiving is still behind, please do receiving often.

·      Debbie Lane retired in July, she was replaced by Linda Mayo.


The next meeting is Tuesday, September 18, 2012 at 10:00 am in the South Meeting Room, Newcomb Hall.

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