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WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 18, 2017, 10:00 AM


General Comments – Eric Denby

·       Announced that Randy Ellis left UVA on October 4th to take the Comptroller position at the Virginia Community College System.

T&E Card Update – Carrie McGowan

1.     On October 16 an email Notification went out to all cardholders who had card transactions that had not been submitted for approval.

a.      This includes card transactions in their eWallet (unused) or on a draft expense report that had a transaction date prior to September 16, 207.

b.     There are some transactions from as far back as April that have not been expensed.  Therefore, we are moving from a monthly notification to a weekly notification. 

2.     Each Monday cardholders will receive a notification if they have card transactions that have not been submitted for approval in over 10 days or more.

                                                    i.     Automated emails to cardholders who have card transactions that are unused. This means they are sitting untouched in the eWallet, or in a draft report, or in a returned report, for more than 10 days.  They are sent out based on the date the transaction goes into ExpenseUVA from the BOA feed (not the transaction date or post date of the transactions itself).

                                                  ii.     This notifications will only go to the cardholder. They will not be sent to delegates.

                                                iii.     Please help us with this effort to get card transactions expensed regularly. To eliminate confusion, we will be turning off paper statements to cardholders. If needed, cardholders can access BOA Works to review their statement.

3.     Why are we changing the process? UVA pays the bill, so transactions must be expensed quickly to ensure we have the funds. Currently, this is not happening.

a.      Our website has been updated to reflect this change. http://www.procurement.virginia.edu/pagepcardresponsibilities

4.     We plan to issue a notification this Thursday or Friday to all Approvers who have expense reports which have been awaiting their approval for more than 10 calendar days. 

a.      Approvers are: Expense Owner, Fiscal, Expense, and Supplemental Approvers

b.     This is for card transactions and reimbursements.

c.      An email will be sent to BOC on 10/18/17

Dining Services/Aramark – Lewis Hass

·       Office Coffee Service Program – Division out of Richmond focused on coffee and water. See Presentation

Finance Outreach and Compliance

Patty Marbury

·       New Training Website Pages – please see website http://foc.virginia.edu/training

Erika Priddy

·       Lynda.com Presentation –  http://foc.virginia.edu/lyndacom

Managerial Reporting Project/FOC – Danielle Hancock

·       Finding Data in UBI for Key Member Changes

o   Directions can be found at foc.virginia.edu

§  Training >Integrated System Training > Resources and Help > Job Aids > Grants Accounting >  Creating and Managing Projects

§  http://training.foc.virginia.edu/KeyMemberChange.pdf

Procurement and Supplier Diversity Services – John McHugh

·       Fedex – In process of negotiations.  Discovered that 73% of outbound packages are shipped in Virginia.  UVA could save $50,000 per year if we picked “standard priority overnight” (arrive by 10:00am next day-cost $25) instead of “first priority overnight” (arrive by 8:00am next day-cost $78).  Please ask your departments not to pick “first priority overnight”.

·       Marketplace (Jaggaer/formally Sciquest) Agreement was renewed.  We considered all the other changes going on and decided not to make any changes to the Marketplace.  We are, however, adding 4 new modules:

1.     Total Supplier Manager (TSM) – Vendor registration

2.     AP Director – Electronic invoicing

3.     Sourcing – Electronic quotes and RFP’s

4.     Contract Manager  

            These modules will be implemented with minimal impact on shoppers and users.

New registration process – Vendors will create and manage their own portal in TSM and we need volunteers to help design. .  Please contact John (jm7v@virginia.edu) if you are interested in helping.  Hope to complete the new registration design January.  In order to migrate vendors to TSM, we need to clean-up of the Vendor database.  To accomplish this clean-up we need to finally close older PO’s without activity.  We plan to this systematically and are in the process of developing rules, more details to come soon.

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, November 15, 2017 at 10:00am in the South Meeting Room, Newcomb Hall.

Following are the upcoming courses, workshops, labs, and Brown Bag Sessions for October-December, 2017.

We hope you will take advantage of these professional development opportunities for finance professionals. Links to enroll via Employee Self-Service are available from the Events section on the Finance Outreach and Compliance website at http://foc.virginia.edu/.

Brown Bag Sessions

  • Using the UBI Community

The UBI Community is the best resource to get your questions answer, get help with using UBI, and share your suggestions and ideas. In this session you will earn how to get the most out of being part of the UBI Community!

o   Tuesday, November 7, 12:00-1:30

o   Presented by Danielle Hancock, FOC, and Christopher Birkl and Matt Douglas, MRP

o   Carruthers Hall, Conference rooms 1 and 2

o   Complimentary tasting offered by Mezeh Mediterranean Grill

Courses, Workshops, and Labs

  • Finance Fundamentals

What is UVA’s mission? What is the Code of Ethics and why is it important? What is the organizational structure of UVA and where do you fit in? What is a PTAEO? What are the sources of revenue at UVA and how are funds processed? What do you need to know about internal controls, and what are some best practices to follow? In this class you will get answers to these questions and more, as well as have an opportunity to interact and network with other administrative professionals. This class is a required course for access to the finance applications in the Integrated System, but is also open to anyone who wants to learn about UVA’s financial operations.

    • October 24, 1:30-4:30 (only 2 seats left!)
    • November 14, 1:30-4:30
    • November 28, 1:30-4:30

o   December 12, 1:30-4:30

    • All sessions are held in Carruthers Hall, Conference room 2
  • Reconciling Expenditures in Recon@UVA (formerly Mastering Account Reconciliations)

All departments spend money, whether it is for office supplies, equipment, or personnel. It is important to reconcile these purchases each month to maintain strong internal control standards. This course is designed to help UVA staff and faculty who prepare, review and approve expenditure reconciliations navigate these processes in the Recon@UVA system. We will discuss how to accurately complete monthly expenditure reconciliations for transactions that occur in the Integrated System’s Grants Management (GM) module in compliance with UVA policy and procedures.

    • November 9, 1:30-4:00
    • Carruthers Hall, Carr-2
  • Reconciling General Ledger Revenue

To maintain strong Internal Control standards, it is important to reconcile your revenue accounts as well as your expenditure accounts. This course is diesgned to help UVA staff and faculty who prepare, review, and approve revenue reconciliations navigate the General Ledger (GL) revenue reconciliation process at UVA using University Business Intelligence (UBI). We will discuss how accurately complete your monthly revenue reconciliations in compliance with UVA policy and procedures.

o   November 16, 1:30-4:00

o   Carruthers Hall, Conference room 2

  • ExpenseUVA: Lab

Do you need help with UVA's new expense management system, ExpenseUVA? During this lab, you will be able to log into the live system and submit expense reports help from the UVAFinance team. You will also learn where to go for resources and help. IMPORTANT: This class is a lab where you can come for help with entering actual expenses, and is not intended to replace the online training. Please complete the Expense Management System - Online Training prior to attending the lab and bring your work with you. Please arrive at the stated time of the class and then stay as long as you like. For immediate training and help, please refer to the online training Expense Management System - Online Training

    • October 24, 9:00-11:00 am
    • November 16, 1:00-3:00 pm
    • December 14, 9:00-11 am
    • All sessions held at 2400 Old Ivy Road, room 136

As always, if you have any questions, suggestions, or need to discuss training needs, please contact us at foc-training@virginia.edu.

Feel free to share this information to other colleagues, and managers, please forward to your staff.  Looking forward to seeing you soon!

E-mail comments to: Comptroller@Virginia.edu
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