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General Comments – Randy Ellis

University Bookstore – Jane Sulentic & Jan Taylor

·        Update

The Bookstore will offer a 20% discount to Faculty & Staff on purchases made December 1-16.  This includes logoed and non-logoed merchandise throughout the store. Certain exclusions apply --you will receive an email shortly with the details so be sure to watch for that and mark your calendar.

Although the 20% holiday discount does not apply to our Cavalier Computers stores please remember you can take advantage of Cavalier Computer’s no interest payroll deduction program for great electronics gifts.  Just 10% down, and you’ll have that big screen TV for the holidays!

            Because of the buying power we as a group now leverage, we’ve seen savings of up to 21% on             reorders previously placed through outside vendors, and savings of up to 50% on shipping costs.         Though each buy is different, as is the potential savings we can generate, it is obvious our         competitive bidding process for every buy has yielded significant savings for departments and UVA as a whole. 

            We are also now in a position to offer to MATCH or BEAT any documented quote you receive       for the same item.  That way, you never have to sacrifice price savings to partner with the            Bookstore.  It’s a WIN-WIN for everyone.

            Those of you who haven’t used the Bookstore for your promotional buys, we encourage you to          come on board!  We would welcome the opportunity to meet and discuss your needs, as well as    hear what concerns you may have. Together we can collaborate on ways to make this strategic         procurement work for you, and your feedback helps us improve our level of service.  So if we can:

·        Save you & UVA money

·        Get you what you need when you need it

·        Provide value-added service

·        All while keeping the money here at UVA, why not use the Bookstore…

            Engraving – we have an engraving customization specialist located in the Bookstore, anything           from Jefferson cups to leather backpacks, journals, flower pots, glass, wood and marble can be         engraved.

School of Continuing & Professional Studies – Sue Herod

·        UVA Employee Open House – Come by and talk to us as an employee.  Discuss Bachelor completion, certificates (Leadership, Accountant, CPA, Cybersecurity, etc.).  Free parking!

SCPS Open House Announcement

Procurement and Supplier Diversity Services

John McHugh

·        Strategic Research and Development RFP – received 70 responses, awarded 40 contracts, have been added to contract page.  These contracts will change the way orders are created, no Sole Source form needed, will be created automatically in PO, will not have to come to Procurement first.

As a result of the Research and Development RFP, there is now a new catalog available for Biolegend in the UVa Marketplace.  Procurement and Supplier Diversity Services encourages you to utilize this catalog for lab goods and services.

For questions regarding the goods or services please contact:
Alan Ma
858 455-9588 Ext 8922

For questions regarding the Research and Development RFP please contact:
Kristin Floyd

·        New Employee – Adeline Coe, joined Procurement and Supplier Diversity Services three weeks ago in the Travel/Hospitality area.  She will help negotiate conference services contracts

·        Invoice Holds – beginning with the October 31 messages, made changes to who messages are sent to, were being sent to Purchasing Unit contact, now going to requester (person who created transaction).

·        Credits – many hadn’t been recovered, we have taken an active step to collect money from vendors, so far we have received $200,000, department’s may see a credit or deposit into your account if an outstanding credit is due.  We have found a way to address this issue going forward

Upcoming Training and Brown Bag Sessions

Listed below are upcoming courses, workshops, labs, and Brown Bag Sessions through the end of 2016! We hope you will take advantage of these professional development opportunities for finance professionals. Descriptions of the classes, as well as links to enroll via Employee Self-Service are available from the Events section on the Finance Outreach and Compliance website at http://foc.virginia.edu/

Brown Bag Sessions

  • Recharge/Service Centers:  Everything You Need to Know
    • Presented by John Wallace-Smith, Office of Financial Planning & Analysis
    • December 7, 12:00-2:00
    • 2400 Old Ivy Road, room 136

Courses, Workshops, and Labs

  • Finance Fundamentals
    • Dec 13, 1:30-4:30
    • Carruthers Hall, Conference Room 2*
  • Mastering Account Reconciliations (4 seats left!)
    • Jan 12, 2017 1:30-4:00
    • Both sessions will be held in Carruthers Hall, Conference Room 2*
  • TravelUVA: Lab
    • Dec 8, 9:00-10:30
    • Both sessions will be held in Room 136, 2400 Old Ivy Road

*New room

As always, if you have any questions, suggestions, or need to discuss training needs, please contact us at foc-training@virginia.edu.

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, December 14, 2016 at 10:00am in the South Meeting Room, Newcomb Hall.

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