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Fiscal Administrators Meeting

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

South Meeting Room, Newcomb Hall

Opening Comments – Eric Denby

Records Management Reminder

Records Management Day is THURSDAY the 21st.  Shredding trucks will be at Carruthers from 9:00 - 3:30.  Folks can check out the records management web site for more info.  We will be doing the pickup service again but have limited spots available.  If interested, folks should get in touch with us at records@virginia.edu.

Printing & Copying Services – Keith Tyre

·       Print 101  - half day seminar to be held on Thursday, November 21.  This session is full, will offer another after the first of the year.  Held at Printing Office, includes a plant tour with refreshments provided.

·       Printing now offers digital printing, very efficient and economical….no set up time.  We can do any length banners; we have prints of scenes from around Grounds.  Full design services are $75/hour, usually takes 2-3 days.

·       Copy Centers – three satellite centers around Grounds (Bookstore, Hospital and Old Ivy Copy Center)

·       Departmental Copier Management

·       The PCS Departmental Copier Management program supplies Copier/Multifunctional Devices to department of the University. If your department is in need of a Copier, Printer, Fax or a Multifunctional unit simply contact PCS and we will evaluate your needs and find the best fit for your department.

      What you’ll get with PCS:

Top of the line equipment - All our copiers will be from the top manufactures in the market place today. All the equipment we are currently placing are Multifunctional with copying, printing, and scanning standard and an optional Fax feature is available. Every device is network-ready to provide the greatest benefit and ease of operation for your staff.

Professional Service and Support - With our large fleet of copiers we are able to negotiate some of the most comprehensive maintenance plans available, enabling PCS to provide top of the line service whether be a minor item such as our compressive inventory of toner and supplies or our contracts with TOP Factory Trained Service Agents.

Flexibility - With our expansive fleet of copiers we are able to move, exchange, and add equipment as your needs change.

Per Copy Pricing - You pay only for copies you make. All supplies, including standard white 20# paper, are included in your per-copy price.

User Management - Our PCS Copy Card System can supply department usage tracked by user or group of users if needed.

·       Bulk Mail Services – insert mailings, sealing, addressing, we can do “in house”, much more economical, we maintain a non-profit permit that UVa departments can use.

Procurement and Supplier Diversity Services

·       Les Haughton, Director of Supplier Diversity introduced Jack King, the new Supplier Diversity Business Operations Manager.

Eric Denby

·       Introduced Michael Warlick, Senior Buyer

·       Topics – Eric asked the group to let us know if there are ever any topics you or your departments would like discussed at these meetings…any hurdles you are running into, etc.  We may be able to help.  Just send them to Stacey ahead of time and we will be prepared to discuss.

·       Terms & Conditions Discussion – Someone asked who was responsible if an employee is clicking through the terms and conditions when purchasing software, etc. on-line.  Procurement has been looking at this with General Counsel, ITS Security and Risk Management.  This will probably not go forward with trying to redo all contracts, this is a never ending issue; we will never be able to catch up.  If you have questions about certain ones, feel free to print off and send to a buyer to review.  The Policy is that the employee accepting the terms and condition is personally liable.

Dolores Hildebrand

·       A purchasing card survey will be sent in the next two weeks asking for input on what you like/dislike what additional uses you would like to see, etc.?  There will be a “did you know?” section.

·       A question was asked if the Local Funds P-Card could also be used for State Funds.  Answer was no, they are two separate cards, Local is MC and State is Visa.  Local can be used at Sam’s (State cannot), can also be used at restaurants and hotels.

·       Bookstore will match Amazon.com on Books.  Following is the letter Sandy provided about this.

To All UVA Departments:

I’m writing to make sure you’re aware that the UVA Bookstore now matches Amazon prices on all departmental PTAO book purchases*. 

You can place orders with us by phone [434-924-1073], by email [bookshop@virginia.edu] or by using the simple template provided at http://uvabookstores.com/shop_departments.asp --just click on DEPARTMENTAL GENERAL BOOK ORDER FORM.

We will deliver the book to your department, no charge. We do not charge shipping [unless you request expedited shipping and then we charge only the actual UPS charge—no padding].

We are non-profit, owned and operated by the University; we donate our annual operating surplus to the University in support of scholarships and a variety of programs. Money spent with other book vendors just goes away.

And should problems arise or you need help in a crisis, you know where we live: our Customer Service, with decades of accumulated knowledge, is right here on Grounds, not ½ way around the nation or the world.

If you have any questions either about the policies I’ve stated above or any other matter concerning the UVA Bookstore and its products & services, please let me know.  

Wayne Terwilliger

Assistant Director

University of Virginia Bookstore


*here’s the small print: we match Amazon’s own price, not the price of “Amazon marketplace” which is a bit like Amazon’s own Ebay for books. Amazon must have the book in stock & available for sale in needed quantity for the price match to apply.  Finally, Amazon occasionally offers “bargain” copies [usually remainders and marked as such] as well as regular stock—it is the price of the latter we match. Let me know if you have any questions

·       Amazon Tax exempt process – there is a process to get tax exempt status with Amazon, Procurement prefers you not use, so it is not advertised.  If you do need to use them, please call Procurement and they will tell you how.  Amazon will also tell you.

The next meeting is Wednesday, December 11, 2013 at 10:00 am in the South Meeting Room, Newcomb Hall.

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