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WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 2017, 10:00 AM


General Comments – Eric Denby

Financial Operations

BC Worsley

·       Some on you may have received a post card from Visa advertising “Square”.  Square is not allowed at UVA.  The swipe dongle is compliant but the tablet or phone that you plug into is not.  That would require the University owning and maintaining the devices, locking them down to just one URL and updating the operating systems regularly.  Please see Policy FIN-037 Governance and Compliance Requirements for Payment Card Activities in the University Policy Directory https://uvapolicy.virginia.edu/policy/FIN-037

·       BC will be retiring December 22.

Josh Breeden

·       Change in Reconciliation Policy

        Starting with November’s reconciliations, all schools and units will have 30 days to reconcile their projects (expenditure and revenue).  

      You’ve been asking for a different timeframe, and we listened!  Already, about 65% of the active projects in Recon@ have an approved alternate reconciliation schedule (due 30 days after month-end close).  Changing the deadline for everyone will eliminate the need for such special          requests.  It will also reduce administrative burden, allowing more time to complete reconciliations and eliminating the need to submit official paperwork to have their deadlines changed.

      For a bit of background, the current deadline of the 15th calendar day was chosen when reconciliations were done on paper and a tighter deadline helped prevent fraud.  Now that we have systems such as Recon@ and ExpenseUVA, the quick turnaround time is not as crucial.

      This policy update means that monthly reconciliations will be due 30 days after month-end close for the previous month’s activity (i.e. November reconciliations will be due December 30th).  If your unit prefers to reconcile within 15 days because you have a process in place, that is fine.  As a Fiscal Officer, be sure to discuss this policy change with your reconcilers (Preparers, Examiners, Approvers, PI’s). 

      View the new policy here.  (Note:  Procedures linked within the policy have not yet been updated to reflect the change.)

      Click here for more information on Recon@ system generated emails.

      Questions?  Concerns?  Please let us know; we’re happy to help.  Email recon@virginia.edu.

Jerry Burke

·       Introduce Paul Grisdale, Director of Payroll Services – A Detroit-area native, comes to UVA from Colorado, where he managed payroll in both the Community College System and Colorado State UniversityHe will lead the ONE Payroll Services Team, which will encompass UVA’s academic division, the medical center, and the physicians group.

§  Payroll Update Overview

Finance Outreach & Compliance – Danielle Hancock

·       Updates to GL Cash Balance/GL Recon

o   GL Cash Balance Enhancements

§  Tabs were renamed and updated to simplify running reports

§  Auth Deficit tab was added

§  Threshold Filter was added to the Cash Deficit Tab

§  GL Details Flag was added to the Cash Balance Summary tab

§  For more information:  https://ubicommunity.virginia.edu/docs/DOC-1193-quick-reference-guide-gl-cash-balance-summary

§  Questions about the GL Cash Balance Module can be posted on the UBI Community or email UBI@virginia.edu

o   GL Recon Changes

§  The GL Cash Balance enhancements changed the look of GL Cash Balance Module, but it still functions the same for GL Recons.

§  If no GL transactions (no GL Recon Certification to print), print and sign the GL Cash Balance report. 

§  The Reconciliation Policy (FIN-023) has changed – You now have 30 calendar days after the end of the month to complete the reconciliations.

§  These changes are reflected in the updated GL Recon Procedure:  http://training.foc.virginia.edu/GLReconProcedure.pdf

§  Questions about the GL Recon Procedure can be emailed to recon@virginia.edu

Procurement and Supplier Diversity Services – John McHugh

·       Open POs with no activity in three+ years will be finally closed

            Beginning the week of November 6th, Procurement & Supplier Diversity Services will begin finally closing open, inactive purchase orders lingering in the Integrated System. The POs being finally closed are those that have had no invoicing activity in three or more years. Most of    these POs have remained open because they have not been fully invoiced against, usually due to a discount being extended or a change in quantity of goods received.

            This is simply an “FYI” – there is nothing you need to do at this time. Finally closing these POs should not have a negative impact on schools and units. Any money remaining on POs that are finally closed will be returned to the PTAO.

            The POs are being finally closed due to PSDS’ transition to Total Supplier Management (TSM), a new solution for managing supplier registration and payment. TSM is a tool provided by Jaggaer (formerly SciQuest), the vendor who supports our UVA Marketplace, and will      streamline and automate vendor registration and payment processes.

            Finally closing the inactive POs will allow us to deactivate vendors no longer used by UVA. This will ensure that the vendor file will be current and accurate when we go live with TSM.

            In the unlikely event that you are contacted for payment by a vendor on one of the finally closed POs, contact a buyer within PSDS for assistance.

            Questions? Concerns? Let us know; we’re happy to help! 434-924-4212

·       New catalogs in Marketplace

a.      SHI – Computer Supplies & Software

b.     R&D Supplies – Science

c.      Abcam – Science

d.     GovtSmart – Microsoft Surface Products, local supplier, minority certified.

·       Catalogs can be set up for specific departments with special requirements that no other department can use such as animals, feed and bedding for the Vivarium.  Charles Kidd (ck5b) can work with vendors.

·       1099’s – Accounts Payable is already preparing for 1099’s and may reach out with questions about payments made by departments for clarification.

·       Carruthers Renovation – Phase 2 – Procurement Dec 4 – February 19.  Asking for your patience.

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, December 20, 2017, at 10:00am in the South Meeting Room, Newcomb Hall.

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