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Helpful Reminders for doing Cost Transfers

Run a Discover Report to verify where the expenditure was originally charged.  See report ‘FM_Expenditure Detail by Project’ in Discover.  We review the complete PATEO, so make sure your credit matches the original charge.

·  Complete all the data elements on the cost transfer template.  Please include in the comment field the reason, transfer date, expenditure item date, P.O. #, invoice number and voucher number.

·  Please make sure that you choose the correct expenditure type.  Remember, if you use an expenditure type that starts with ‘Equip’ and it has the ‘=’ sign then this means that your entry will flow into the fixed asset system.

·  Don't collapse your lines when it comes to equipment.  Since we are working with an integrated system, we need you to do your cost transfers line by line.  You will see this when you do your Discover report.

·  If your cost transfer is not correct, your cost transfer will be reversed (see reversal notification).  This means that you have to create your cost transfer again.

· If you need to do a cost transfer that touches a grant project, refer to Financial Procedure 8-20.


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