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Credit Cards

Payment Card Application Process

There are three ways that units can collect revenue by means of payment cards:

Merchant Account at the University

The primary means is to apply for permanent university merchant account for ongoing or repeating events. A merchant account will be issued through Elavon for MasterCard/Visa/Discover card processing and through American Express.
Most units will be required to:
  • access the University’s Integrated System for GL reconciliations,
  • to have an approved revenue project where funds will be deposited,
  • a PTAO where fees will be charged,
  • assign a PCI Coordinator,
  • complete an annual PCI compliance questionnaire – SAQ,
  • annually train all employees who are in the payment card process flow.
See Procedure 1-1 “Application Process for a Permanent University Merchant Account”.

See Procedure 1-2 “How to Apply for a University Merchant Account”.

See “Application for acceptance of Payment Cards by UVa Departments”.

One-Time Events

One-time events where all of the above will apply is usually limited to web collection of payment card data through CommerceManager/EPAY. This process has the same compliance and training requirements as a permanent account except the department does not have to complete the annual PCI-DSS SAQ document or assign a PCI Coordinator.

Third Party

The unit has contracted with a PCI-DSS approved outside vendor to collect registrations information and process payment where the revenue is forwarded to the University at regular intervals or processed through Elavon. The department is obligated to obtain prior approval for this activity before contracts are finalized, merchant accounts obtained or revenue collected.

Useful Links

University of Virginia Payment Card Requirements: This document identifies the requirements that departments, offices, and all other entities that accept or want to accept payments by credit cards must follow. These requirements also apply to departments that accept credit card information for activities such as fund raising to be passed on to another department for processing.

Brochure: University of Virginia Primer on Credit Cards & PCI Data Security Standards: This brochure has been created to provide basic information about the payment card environment at the University of Virginia. It is a great starting place for faculty, staff, and others at U.Va. that may be considering credit card activities.

Brochure: University of Virginia EPay@UVA – Secure Online Credit Card Processing: This brochure has been created to provide information about secure web registration and payment processing at the University of Virginia using CommerceManager, a product hosted by Nelnet Business Solutions. The system is a Payment Card Industry-Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) Level 1 compliant vendor.

Questions about the University of Virginia's Credit Cards and Payment Card Industry compliance?
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