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Credit Cards and Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance


University of Virginia Payment Card Requirements:
This document identifies the requirements that departments, offices, and all other entities that accept or want to accept payments by credit cards must follow. These requirements also apply to departments that accept credit card information for activities such as fund raising to be passed on to another department for processing.

Brochure: University of Virginia Primer on Credit Cards & PCI Data Security Standards:
This brochure has been created to provide basic information about the payment card environment at the University of Virginia. It is a great starting place for faculty, staff, and others at U.Va. that may be considering credit card activities.

University of Virginia Payment Card Confidentiality Agreement:
This document must be reviewed, signed, and maintained in the department or office each year for each person involved in the processing, transmission, storage, reconciliation, and website/application development processes related to payment card activity.

University of Virginia Elecronic Access Agreement:
This form, commonly completed at the time of hiring is required by the University for all personnel accessing Unviersity data. This form is often completed as part of the process in applying for new access to University systems through esharp. If you are not sure that personnel involved in payment card processes have completed an EAA form (volunteers, etc.), you should click above and print a copy to include with their University of Virginia Payment Card Confidentiality Agreement. Note: access to the form requires Netbadge.

University of Virginia Payment Card Coordinator Form:
This form officially identifies the PCI Coordinator for University merchant department. The document lists the duties and responsibilities of the coordinator. The form should be used to update changes in the department PCI Coordinator position as they occur.

The signed form can either be emailed to, or physically mailed to:

ATTN: U.Va. Payment Card Services
Carruthers Hall
Box 400194
Charlottesville, VA 22904-4194

You may also FAX a signed copy to 434-982-2315 - ATTN: Payment Card Services.

Questions about the University of Virginia's Credit Cards and Payment Card Industry compliance?
Contact U.Va. Payment Card Services at or view our staff listing.