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Financial Analysis

F&A Distribution - Percentage Allocation

For FY2012-2013
Allocation  Percentage
State Admin (use the one that applies to your Org)  
  UVA Wise, SW Va Center, Ctr for Politics 30%
  All Others 27.8%
Institutional Allocations (use all three of these)*  
  VPR 10.9%
  ITS 2.28%
  VPF/CFO 3.7%
Library Allocation (use the one that applies to your Org)*  
  Alderman Library 2.89%
  Health Sciences Library 2.89%
Reserve for Capital Outlay (use the one that applies to your Org)**  
  Academic 16.6%
  School of Medicine 16.6%
  School of Nursing 16.6%
  UVA Wise 20%
Schools (Deans & Departments - use the ones that apply to your Org)  
  Architecture 35.83%
  Arts & Sciences Dean 19.05%
  Arts & Sciences Departments 16.78%
  Curry Dean (from Departments) 32.247%
  Curry Dean (from Centers) 30.456%
  Curry Departments 3.583%
  Curry Centers 5.374%
  Engineering Dean 21.23%
  Engineering O&M 5.5%
  Engineering Departments 9.1%
  Nursing 35.83%
  SOM Dean (from Non-Clinical Departments) 27.225%
  SOM - Non-clinical Departments 8.605%
  SOM Dean (from Clinical Departments) 6.425%
  SOM - Clinical Departments 29.405%
  UVA Wise 50%
  Center for Politics 70%
  SW Va Center 70%
  Other Schools & Orgs 35.83%
To determine where the F&A from your grants is allocated add:
1) the State Admin percentage that applies to you
2) all the Insitutional Allocations*
3) one of the library allocations*
4) the Capital Outlay percentage that applies to you**
5) the Schools percentage(s) that applies to you
* does not apply to UVA Wise, SW Va Center, Ctr for Politics
** does not apply to SW Va Center or Ctr for Politics