Financial Analysis

The F&A Distribution Process

While the University Budget Office continues to work with the Schools to develop a new distribution methodology that supports the UFM, we continue to distribute F&A to the central services, such as the VPR, EHS, CFO, and Libraries.  The central services organizations should not include these F&A amounts as resources available to spend.

Once the University Budget Office and the Schools devise a new methodology, the F&A distribution process may change, as well as the reports on our web page.

At that time, the FY15 F&A distributed to the central services may be reversed and re-distributed to comply with the new methodology.

July 2016 F&A Reports are Available

After the schools have reached a decision on their distribution percentages, we will make the initial FY16-17 installments.

The July 2016 F&A reports are available on the F&A web page at:

The "Reports MMM-YY.xls" files in the website contain four tabs: Recoveries, Dept Dist, Deans Dist, and Dist, as FY02 through FY13.

FA Award Installment Adjustments

The initial FY15 FA award installments have been entered into Oracle.

If you have any questions, please contact ph: 4-8928 or ph:2-2373.