Financial Analysis

June 2014 F&A Reports Are Available

The June 2014 F&A reports are available on the F&A web page at:

FA Award Installment Adjustments

All F&A award installments have been adjusted to account for the F&A earned through June 2013.

Initial installments for FY14 have been calculated and input into new installments. Please notify us if you are aware of circumstances that may cause your FY14 F&A to be significantly less than your FY13 F&A. We have no insight whatsoever into the grant activity of your PI's. The formula outlined in the FAQ will be used to calculate your initial F&A installment for FY14.

If you believe that your installment should be higher, prepare a spreadsheet listing all active awards, with both award and project numbers, and the amount of F&A you expect to generate on those awards and email it to John Wallace-Smith at

If it is possible that your department will generate significantly less F&A this year than last year, then do NOT fund the entire initial installment until you are certain that you will earn it.

If you have any questions, please contact ph: 4-8928 or ph:2-2373.