Gift Funds: Donor Institutional (DI)

What Who When Notes Fund Sources

1. GL-Deposit to Revenue Project

Responsibility = GL Specialist or higher

Gift Receipt Form

Processing Manual Journal Entries

Depositing Cash

Development Office
(434) 924-1402 
Upon receipt from Dept.   NA, no deposits from the field.

2. GM-Create/Modify Award Installment

Responsibility = GM Setup Specialist

Creating & Revising an Award

Award Installments

University Budget Office (UBO)

As commitments are made. The number of installments will depend on the nature and terms of the commitment.    

3. GM-Create Linkage by Funding Project from Award

Responsibility = GM Award Manager

Funding a Project

Steps for Funding Projects

Award Manager (sometimes UBO) does this consistent with the allocation rules set by UBO. ITS approves new linkages via GM workflow  Any time after dept. is approved for additional gift and endowment linkages but must be consistent with allocation rules set by UBO. 

Project funding can be increased at any time, but cannot exceed the value of the installment.

Project funding can be decreased at any time, but cannot be less than the related award budget. 

4. GM-Create/Modify Award Budget and Funding

Award Manager
Project Manager

Creating Award Budgets

Increase Funding & Budgets

Reduce Budgets & Funding

Any time project funding is initiated or changed. 

Award Managers MUST WAIT FOR APPROVAL OF NEW LINKAGE before creating budget.

Increases can only be entered after project funding is increased by the Award Manager.

The Integrated System completes the following tasks automatically after the Award Budget is submitted and baselined.
GM-Project Budgets Created Automatically

GM-Budgetary Control Enabled Automatically

Budgetary Control for Project/Award Combination

Responsibility = GM Setup Specialist &
GM Award Manager

Budgetary control enabled first time an Award's budget is submitted and baselined.