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Financial Operations & University Reporting

GA Cost Transfer Error Codes

The following GA Cost Transfer batch submitted needs to be re-worked and resubmitted for approval.

Next to each batch are codes 1-19; the explanations of these codes follow below. If it is the organization that is incorrect, you need to delete all expenditure lines under the wrong organization and re-enter them again using the correct organization. When correcting expenditure lines, if the line is a credit line (i.e., a negative amount), delete that line, save it, and then re-enter it with the correct information. If you need assistance with re-working/correcting your batch, please contact the HELP DESK at 4-4357.

  1. When transferring a cost you must include the original reference information and a description/explanation of what you are trying to do in the expenditure comment field.

  2. The Expenditure Item Date in the "Expenditure Comment" Field does not match the date in the "Expenditure Item Date" Field.

  3. When transferring a cost transfer of a cost transfer you must include the original reference information as well as the original Exp Item Date and Transferred Date. You cannot use the information from the previous cost transfer for reference information.

  4. Retroactive cost transfers should follow OSP Policy and a retro request approval number should be included in the expenditure comment field.

  5. Entries should always balance to zero.

  6. You should not enter any one-sided entries.

  7. You should never be changing expenditure types between sides of the transaction.
    • The main exception to this is the Procurement card. In this case make sure you include in the explanation field that you are "redistributing P-card charges to the correct expenditure type." However, please remember to redistribute P-card charges during the period provided by Procurement Services each month.
    • Correcting an error in the original expenditure type is the other reason for changing. However, please include in the comment field "correcting the expenditure type" and why the wrong expenditure type was used.

  8. Never use any of the expenditure types that start with 'Expenditure Credit...' These are only for use by the Cashiers Office when processing expenditure credit deposits.

  9. Never use salary expenditure types. These transfers need to originate in LD.

  10. Cost transfers are not the way to fund or budget another project. This is accomplished with Award/Project linkages and funding of the project.

  11. You cannot transfer charges from your agency 'YY' accounts to your University Award accounts. This would be viewed as an attempt to avoid University procurement regulations. The only exception is when the charge originated in the University system. In this case you must provide reference #, date, and an explanation. This also holds true of transfers from one agency to another such as Medical Center to University Accounts.

  12. Transactions that result from any signed contract between HSF and the Medical Center should be handled completely outside of the Oracle system. All such transactions must be executed through one entity writing a check to the other entity. These checks should derive from the Medical Center Peoplesoft system or the HSF Platinum system. These checks may not be deposited into the Oracle general ledger.

  13. If you are an internal service provider, you need to include the date or time frame (i.e., June, 2001) when the charge was incurred.

  14. Local (LS) and State (SS) sales and service awards should be using the recovery expenditure types on the credit side of the transaction when providing their services or products to other departments.

  15. The "Expenditure Item Date" field should correspond with the period in which the service was provided.

  16. Please correct the expenditure type on the SE award, which should begin with "Eq Capital".

  17. UVA Cost Transfer Naming Convention
    Actuals [A] (SPACE) [email id (IN CAPS)] (SPACE) by the date [ddmmyy] (SPACE) followed by your own 3-digit sequential number [001EXAMPLE: A ACH7H 240401 001

  18. Other-See note by the expenditure batch name for more information.

  19. NON-GRANTS do not allow student payment changes to be made in the Integrated System, they must be done in SIS.