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Internal Controls Questionnaire


The ICQ contains questions on the manner in which departments conduct their administrative activities. Each question is written so that the appropriate answer is either "Yes" or "N/A." Any questions answered "No" must be accompanied by a corrective action plan. Corrective action plans can be entered directly in the pop-up window displayed when a "No" answer is selected for a question. Once all sections of the questionnaire are completed, submit the questionnaire online, including the electronic Signature Page at the end of the questionnaire. After submitting the signed questionnaire, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to print a copy of the completed questionnaire for your files.


The University Comptroller distributes the Internal Controls Questionnaire to University organizations annually. The purpose of this activity is to maintain an effective system of internal controls. All University departments are asked to complete the Internal Controls Questionnaire.

The results of the questionnaire enable University management to:

  • Assess the overall internal controls environment of the University
  • Document each department's internal controls status
  • Inform new department heads of their responsibilities related to internal controls
  • Identify areas of internal controls weaknesses so that corrective action can be taken.

Department Head, Department Business Manager, Fiscal Administrator, or Designee

  • Contact the ICQ Administrator to register for access as contact
  • Complete the online version of the ICQ (questions, data fields, and corrective action plans) for each Primary organization for which the Designee is responsible
  • Make certain all Contact and Department Head information is current
  • Have Department Head sign the questionnaire and submit it electronically to the ICQ Administrator
  • An automated email will be sent to the Contact to print the ICQ for departmental purposes


The Internal Controls Questionnaire is located at a secure web site requiring access via the NetBadge security protocol. University staff responsible for completing the ICQ must seek permission by email from the ICQ Administrator to register and access the questionnaire.

When contacting the ICQ Administrator by email, provide your name, computing ID, and Primary Org number and name.

  • John Doe
  • jxd4z
  • 12345 - ZZ-Primary Organization

A copy (password required) of the ICQ is available on the University Comptroller's web site.
A printable version (no password required) of the ICQ is also available there.

Questions about the University of Virginia's Internal Controls Questionnaire (ICQ) Program? Contact us at:

ICQ FY2017 Launch Date: May 2017

Approximate Time Until Launch