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Internal Controls Questionnaire (ICQ)


Units operating within the University Academic Division, the University's College at Wise, and the Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center must complete the questionnaire. The University Medical Center will conduct a separate review of internal controls.


The Internal Controls Questionnaire (ICQ) contains questions on the manner in which departments conduct their administrative activities. Each question is written so that the appropriate answer is either "Yes" or "N/A." Any questions answered "No" must be accompanied by a corrective action plan. Corrective action plans can be entered directly in the pop-up window displayed when a "No" answer is selected for a question. Once all sections of the questionnaire are completed, submit the questionnaire online, print the Signature Page at the end of the questionnaire (print two copies if you want one for your files), provide your original signature, and return a hard copy of the Signature Page (by mail or fax) to the Office of the Comptroller. After submitting the questionnaire, you will receive a confirmation email with a link for printing a copy of the completed questionnaire for your files.

Detailed instructions for completing the ICQ may be found in the Internal Controls Questionnaire procedure.

Questions about the University of Virginia's Internal Controls Questionnaire (ICQ) Program? Contact us at:

ICQ FY2015 Launch Date: May 2015

Approximate Time Until Launch