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Changing Project and Award Owning Orgs


Historically we have not allowed organizations to be changed on projects and awards in the Integrated System once activity had occurred. This was largely a reporting issue on how historical data would be presented if such a change was made.

Dating back as far as Oracle implementation, there have been projects and awards that are assigned to incorrect organizations, but could not easily be corrected. The only alternative has been to set up a new project or award, move all historical data, and close the original P-A combination with the incorrect org value. In most cases, the effort involved exceeded the benefit. Moving to the University Financial Model places a greater importance on the ability to make these changes.

Present Day

The University’s Enterprise Application team has successfully solved the reporting problem, and the historical owning org value has been added to the report views used by Discoverer. The Comptroller’s Office has developed a procedure (with input from various central service providers) for making changes to the owning org on a project or award.

The org change process is a centrally managed effort, as several central systems and processes need simultaneous updates when the owning orgs are changed.