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Changing Project and Award Owning Orgs

Additional Information

  1. Requests must be received by the 10th of the month to be processed in the next cycle. Changes are processed at the beginning of a month, effective on the 1st day of the month processed.

  2. Your request must contain two items: a PDF with the appropriate signatures from the Dean or VP/Provost and an Excel workbook. Emails cannot be used as authorization of approval.

  3. This process changes the Owning Organization of a project. If the “Incurred By” org (O in PTAO) will be changed for future expenditures, please consider whether the following items also require modification:
    • PTAO on file with Internal Service Providers
    • PTAO on outstanding purchase orders
    • Default PTAO for P-Card purchases
    • Suspense PTAO
    • PTAO used on LD schedules

  4. Project/Award attribute changes to consider:
    • Name
    • Description
    • Key Members
    • MBU and Department (budget hierarchy)

    Changes to these values can be made by department staff using the following Integrated System responsibilities: GM Project Manager; GM Award Manager; GM Setup Specialist Limited; GM Role Managers

  5. Consider the following items for modification on revenue projects and GL transactions:
    • GL deposit clearing project alias
    • Org value used in the GL string for deposits and adjustments

  6. Org values associated with Fixed Assets are not changing. Remember to include the original org value when requesting asset lists and reviewing asset reports.

  7. Questions related to Budgeting should be directed to your Budget Analyst. Other questions about the org change process can be sent to: .

  8. 8. Changes to org values can be viewed by running the Discoverer report called "Owning Organizational Change History", found in the GA_owning organization workbook.