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Changing Project and Award Owning Orgs

General Information

This effort is coordinated by the Comptroller’s Office in conjunction with the Budget Office, Integrated System-Enterprise Applications, and other central service providers in response to requests from schools and administrative units who have undergone a reorganization of their units.

This program allows schools, departments, and administrative offices to request changes to the owning organization on a Project or Award in the Integrated System. Changes of this type are complex and should be carefully considered before a request is made. In some cases, account balances must be moved to the new organization code.

All requests for changes require approval by the appropriate Dean or Vice President’s Office. If this change is for any purpose other than a unit reorganization, you must also obtain Acknowledgement of Responsibility from the new organization. Additional central office review is required for various projects and awards.

Please allow at 30-45 days for completion of the request. Note: Some project/award types may take longer to process.

Department Procedures

  1. Run the GA_Owning Organization Report in Discoverer. In the parameter box, enter the org number associated with the organization you want to change.

  2. Export the report to Excel. You may expand columns or wrap text to view the complete header information. The Excel file must be exported from the Discoverer report to ensure that the data elements are current.

  3. Complete the spreadsheet with the following information:
    • Enter the new org number in the Proposed Project and/or Proposed Award Owning Org column(s) for the relevant projects and awards. If you enter a value in the “Proposed Project Owning Org” column for any revenue projects linked to DR/DU/ER/EU awards, you must enter the same value in the “Proposed Award Owning Org” column.
    • Delete any lines without changes.
    • Enter the reason for the change in the Reason column.
    • Enter the Requestor’s name (with userid) and Date Requested.
  4. Create a PDF file to be used for signature approvals:
    • Obtain the appropriate signature from the new organization in the Acknowledgment of Responsibility field if this change is not triggered by a unit reorganization.
    • Forward the PDF to your Dean or VP/Provost office for review and signature.

  5. When the request has been approved by all parties, forward both documents (PDF with signatures and spreadsheet for processing) to the University Comptroller’s Office at the following address:

  6. A consolidated list of all requests for this period will be filtered and sent to the relevant central areas for notification and review. The Central Office Procedures can be found on the last page of this document.