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Changing Project and Award Owning Orgs

Pilot Phase

Our pilot program began in November 2013 and included several University departments. We tested the flow of documents and approvals, and discovered additional items to consider when changing org values. These items are outlined below and in the procedure.

Owning org changes made prior to the annual budget process provided better information for departmental and Budget Office personnel decision-making. The ability to make these changes will greatly enhance the sucess of the University Financial Model.


  • Provost's Office
  • Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
  • Management & Budget
  • Office of Sponsored Programs
  • Curry School of Education

Lessons Learned

  1. Other project attributes can be affected by these changes:
    • Project/Award names and descriptions
    • Project/Award mangers and other key member roles
    • Executive & Major Budget Unit (MBU) hierarchy

  2. Other changes must be considered:
    • Labor Distribution schedules
    • Existing and future Purchase Order PTAEOs
    • Purchasing Card (P-Card) default PTAO

  3. Communication with, and approval of both orgs involved is essential:
    • Documentation must include a PDF with approval signatures and an Excel spreadsheet for system processing

  4. SIS projects might take longer because of item type changes:
    • Some transactions are created by subsystems and need item type changes to correct balances.

  5. Owning org changes must occur on 1st day of month and any movement of GL balances must be dated 1st of month
    • to accommodate Endowment entries and FA distribution

    See procedure for additional details.