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Policies Table of Contents


1. Significant revisions have been highlighted within some revised policies.
2. Additional financial policies are available in the University Policy Directory.


Section I Internal Controls
Section II Financial Accounting Policy [Policies Migrated]
Section III Budget [Policies Migrated]
Section IV Student Financial Policies [Policies Migrated]
Section V Revenue and Collections
Section VI Disbursements General [Policies Migrated]
Section VII Acquisitions of Goods and Services [Policies Migrated]
Section VIII Sponsored Program Activities
Section IX Development and Investments [Policies Migrated]
Section X Physical Resource Management
Section XI Personnel Policies [Policies Migrated]
Section XII Payroll Policies [Policies Migrated]
Section XIII Facilities Management [Policies Migrated]
Section XIV Environmental Health and Safety [Policies Migrated]
Section XV Other Policies



I. Internal Controls [Top]

I.H.1 Fund Raising Projects by Student Organizations on University Grounds

V. Revenue and Collections [Top]

V.C.1 Event-Based Billing

VIII. Sponsored Program Activities [Top]

VIII.A.1 Grants and Contracts: Definition, Solicitation, Clearance and Acceptance
VIII.A.2 Grants and Contracts: Responsibility of the Office of Sponsored Programs
VIII.A.4 Grants and Contracts: Documents to be Approved by the Office of Sponsored Programs
VIII.A.5 Grant and Contract Changes
VIII.C.1 Compliance with Sponsor Requirements
VIII.C.1A Compliance with Federal Sponsor Requirements
VIII.C.5 Property Management and Shared Use of Equipment
VIII.E.1 Fixed Assets Accounting (Property): Overview of Government Property
VIII.E.2 Fixed Assets Accounting (Property): Property Included and Excluded
VIII.E.3 Fixed Assets Accounting (Property): Acquisition of Research Equipment and Materials
VIII.E.5 Fixed Assets Accounting (Property): Equipment Title, Disposition and Subcontracts
VIII.E.6 Fixed Assets Accounting (Property): Equipment Screening
VIII.E.7 Excess Expendable Property

X. Physical Resource Management [Top]

X.A.1 Fixed Assets Accounting (Property): Maintenance of Equipment Inventory
X.A.2 Fixed Assets - Releasing UVA Capital Equipment to Another Institution Outside the Commonwealth
X.A.3 Fixed Assets Accounting (Property): Transfer of Research Equipment to the University
X.C.1 Equipment Trust Fund
X.E.2 Acceptance and Maintenance of Works of Fine and Decorative Art

XV. Other Policies [Top]

XV.A.1 Conflict of Interest
XV.D.2 Requesting a Refund of Student Activity Fees
XV.G.3 University Services and Activities
XV.K.1 Unified Emergency Response Plan