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Policies Table of Contents


1. Significant revisions have been highlighted within some revised policies.
2. Additional financial policies are available in the University Policy Directory.


Section I Internal Controls
Section II Financial Accounting Policy
Section III Budget
Section IV Student Financial Policies
Section V Revenue and Collections
Section VI Disbursements General
Section VII Acquisitions of Goods and Services
Section VIII Sponsored Program Activities
Section IX Development and Investments
Section X Physical Resource Management
Section XI Personnel Policies
Section XII Payroll Policies
Section XIII Facilities Management
Section XIV Environmental Health and Safety
Section XV Other Policies



I. Internal Controls [Top]

I.A.1 Internal Control
I.A.2 Reporting Fraudulent Transactions
I.A.3 Emergency Notifications
I.A.4 Guidelines for Public Information Activities
I.B.1 Development and Approval of University Policies
I.G.1 Terms and Conditions for Contracted Independent Organizations and Fraternal Organizations
I.H.1 Fund Raising Projects by Student Organizations on University Grounds

II. Financial Accounting Policy [Top]

II.A.1 Financial Accounting Policy: General
II.A.2 Financial Accounting Policy: University
II.B.1 University Accounting System
II.B.2 Reconciling Departmental Accounting Records
II.C.1 Records Management
II.E.1 Establishing and Managing Bank or Other Financial Institution Accounts for University Funds
II.E.2 Managing Petty Cash Funds
II.E.3 Monitoring Cash Balances and Resolving Deficits in Revenue Projects
II.E.4 Controlling Cash Items

III. Budget [Top]

III.A.3 Oversight of University Operating and Capital Budgets and Long-term Financial Plans

IV. Student Financial Policies [Top]

IV.G.2 Taxation Instructions for Foreign National Recipients of Scholarship/Fellowships
IV.G.3 Guidelines for Fellowship Disclosure

V. Revenue and Collections [Top]

V.A.1 Revenue Generating Activities
V.A.2 Rate Determination
V.A.3 Responsibility for the Collection, Reporting, and Remittance of Virginia Sales Tax
V.A.4 Tax Information to Employees and Degree Candidates
V.B.1 Cashiering Activities
V.B.2 Credit And Collection
V.B.3 Expenditure Credits and Reimbursements
V.C.1 Event-Based Billing

VI. Disbursements [Top]

VI.A.6 Payments to University Departments
VI.A.12 Individuals Authorized to Approve Local Fund Exceptions to State Policies and Self Travel
VI.B Travel Expenses[Top]
VI.B.10 University Travel Card Program
For travel policy information, please see VI.G.1 -- Travel Expenses and VI.G.2 -- Meal Expenses.
VI.C Moving Expenses [Top]
VI.C.1 Reimbursement of Moving and Relocation Expenses
VI.F - VI.H Disbursements [Top]
VI.F.2 Restrictions on Local Funds Expenditures
VI.F.4 Use of the Payment Voucher
VI.F.5 Receiving Goods and Services and Timely Disbursements of University Funds
VI.G.1 Travel Expenses
VI.G.2 Business Meals
VI.G.3 Social Event Meals
VI.G.4 Academic Services
VI.H.3 Problem Orders

VII. Acquisition of Goods and Services [Top]

VII.B Use of University Printing Office
VII.B.3 University Mail Services
VII.C Purchasing: General
VII.C.1 Purchase of Goods and Services from Outside Vendors
VII.C.2 Types of Purchases Which Require Special Processing
VII.C.3 Use of the University Purchasing Card
VII.C.4 Minority Procurement Programs
VII.D Other Goods and Services
VII.D.2 Use of Motor Pool Vehicles (Revision Pending)
VII.D.4 Equipment Loans
VII.D.5 Acceptance of Gifts and Special Benefits from Vendors
VII.F Dining Services
VII.F.1 Locations Requiring UVA Catering
VII.F.3 Alcohol and Drug Policy
VII.H Insurance and Liability
VII.H.1 Risk Management Program (Insurance Coverage)
VII.H.2 Reimbursement of Housing Resident Claims
VII.H.3 Restitution and Recovery from Third Parties for Departmental Damage
VII.H.4 Phasing Out the Use of 15-Passenger Vans
VII.N Administrative Computing Services
VII.N.10 ITC/Applications and Data Services Work Requests
VII.O Telephone Services
VII.O.1 ITS/Telephony and Video Services
VII.O.2 Long Distance Telephone Charges and Telephone Calling Cards
VII.Q Parking and Transportation Services
VII.Q.2 Parking Regulations
VII.Q.3 University Transit Services (UTS)
VII.R Contracts
VII.R.1 Signatory Authority for Executing University Contracts
VII.R.2 Functions of Administrative Offices Responsible for Executing Contracts
VII.R.5 Space and Real Estate Transactions
VII.R.6 Equipment Financing
VII.R.7 Treasury Board Equipment Financing Program
VII.R.12 Payment for Academic Services
VII.R.13 Academic Honorarium Payments to Non-Employees Including Short-term, Non-Immigrant Alien Visitors

VIII. Sponsored Program Activities [Top]

VIII.A.1 Grants and Contracts: Definition, Solicitation, Clearance and Acceptance
VIII.A.2 Grants and Contracts: Responsibility of the Office of Sponsored Programs
VIII.A.4 Grants and Contracts: Documents to be Approved by the Office of Sponsored Programs
VIII.A.5 Grant and Contract Changes
VIII.A.6 Consistent Treatment of Sponsored Programs Costs
VIII.A.7 Lease Versus Purchase Policy
VIII.B.1 Resolution of Conflicts of Interest as they Relate to Research Contracts
VIII.C.1 Compliance with Sponsor Requirements
VIII.C.1A Compliance with Federal Sponsor Requirements
VIII.C.2 Management of Sponsored Program Awards in a Budget Deficit
VIII.C.3 Assigning PTAEOs to Sponsored Programs
VIII.C.5 Property Management and Shared Use of Equipment
VIII.C.6 Time & Effort Certification
VIII.C.7 Minimum Effort on Federally Funded Sponsored Research Activities
VIII.D.1 Indirect Costs
VIII.D.2 Determination of On-Grounds / Off-Grounds
VIII.D.3 Application of Indirect Cost Rates
VIII.E.1 Fixed Assets Accounting (Property): Overview of Government Property
VIII.E.2 Fixed Assets Accounting (Property): Property Included and Excluded
VIII.E.3 Fixed Assets Accounting (Property): Acquisition of Research Equipment and Materials
VIII.E.4 Maintenance of Equipment Inventory
VIII.E.5 Fixed Assets Accounting (Property): Equipment Title, Disposition and Subcontracts
VIII.E.6 Fixed Assets Accounting (Property): Equipment Screening
VIII.E.7 Excess Expendable Property

IX. Development and Investments [Top]

IX.A. University Development
IX.A.1 Coordination of Development Activities at the University of Virginia
IX.A.2 Acceptance, Receipt and Acknowledgment of Gifts
IX.A.3 Establishment of Funds for Certain Purposes
IX.A.4 Solicitation and Acceptance of Gifts of Real Property and Life Insurance
IX.A.6 Establishment of Named Funds for Certain Purposes
IX.A.7 Acceptance of Bequests and University Life Income Plans
IX.A.8 Sample Named Endowment and Bequest Language
IX.A.9 Employee Charitable Contributions to the University
IX.A.10 Presenting Professorships to the Board of Visitors for Establishment
IX.A.11 Gift in Kind Policies
IX.D. University Investments
IX.D.7 Investment Guidelines for University Endowment Loans to University of Virginia Foundation
IX.D.9 Internal Investment Program for University Units
IX.D.10 Internal Borrowing Program
IX.D.11 Capitalization of Income in Accounts Eligible for State Matching Funds

X. Physical Resource Management [Top]

X.A.1 Fixed Assets Accounting (Property): Maintenance of Equipment Inventory
X.A.2 Fixed Assets - Releasing UVA Capital Equipment to Another Institution Outside the Commonwealth
X.A.3 Fixed Assets Accounting (Property): Transfer of Research Equipment to the University
X.C.1 Equipment Trust Fund
X.E.1 University Collections
X.E.2 Acceptance and Maintenance of Works of Fine and Decorative Art
X.F.1 Surplus Property Disposal

XI. Personnel Policies [Top]

XI.A.1 Consulting and Internal Overload
XI.B.1 (See University Human Resources Personnel Policies)
XI.C.1 Approval for Serving Alcohol at University Events
XI.D.1 Funding For Events That Recognize/Appreciate Employees
XI.E.1 The University's Use of Closed Circuit Television Monitoring and Recording for the Safety and Security of the University Community

XII. Payroll Policies [Top]

(See University Human Resources Payroll Policies)

XIII. Facilities Management  l;[Top]

XIII.A.1 Facilities Management: Definitions
XIII.A.2 Facilities Management: Overview of Facilities Management Activities
XIII.A.3 Facilities Management: Funding Responsibilities
XIII.B.1 Facilities Management: Maintenance, Repair, and Renovation
XIII.B.2 Facilities Management: Renovation Project Priority System
XIII.C.1 Facilities Management: Utilities Services
XIII.D.1 Facilities Management: Facilities Planning, Real Estate, Space Administration and Construction
XIII.E.1 University of Virginia Key and Lock Policy

XIV. Environmental Health and Safety [Top]

XIV.A.1 Tent Use on Grounds
XIV.B.1 Asebestos-Containing Materials Management
XIV.C.1 Attic Storage
XIV.D.1 Biosafety
XIV.F.1 Ergonomics
XIV.G.1 Extension Cord Use
XIV.H.1 Fall Protection
XIV.I.1 Regulated Medical Waste Management
XIV.J.1 Fireworks Display
XIV.K.1 Hallway Storage and Other Hallway Use
XIV.M.1 Controlling Hazardous Air Contaminants and Respiratory Protection
XIV.N.1 Lead-Based Paints Management
XIV.O.1 Personal Protective Equipment
XIV.P.1 Lock Out Tag Out for Equipment during Maintenance and Repair
XIV.Q.1 Hazardous (Chemical) Waste Collection and Disposal
XIV.R.1 Chemical Safety and Waste Training
XIV.S.1 Powered Industrial Trucks (PITs)
XIV.T.1 Mold Management

XV. Other Policies [Top]

XV.A.1 Conflict of Interest
XV.B.1 Advertising for Student Attendance
XV.D.1 Rights of Students at the University of Virginia Pursuant to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
XV.D.2 Requesting a Refund of Student Activity Fees
XV.E.1 Copyright Policy
XV.E.2 Patent Policy
XV.E.3 Federal Classified Research
XV.E.4 Research Misconduct Policy
XV.E.5 Recordkeeping (Notebook)
XV.E.6 Disposal of Regulated (Hazardous) Materials
XV.F.1 Copying of Copyrighted Material: Introduction
XV.F.2 Copying of Copyrighted Material: Reproducing
XV.F.3 Copying of Copyrighted Material: Special Circumstances
XV.F.4 Copying of Copyrighted Material: Videotaping
XV.F.5 Copying of Copyrighted Material: Copying Works of Music
XV.F.6 Copying of Copyrighted Material: Copying for Academic Purposes
XV.F.7 Copying of Copyrighted Material: Obtaining Permission
XV.F.8 Copying of Copyrighted Material: Infringement
XV.F.9 Copying of Copyrighted Material: Licensed Computer Software
XV.G.1 Use of University Resources
XV.G.2 Use of University Equipment
XV.G.3 University Services and Activities
XV.G.4 Analysis of Unrelated Business Income
XV.G.5 Using The University's Federally Registered Trademark
XV.H.1 Health Insurance Premium Reimbursements
XV.I.1 Use of the Rotunda
XV.I.2 Road and Street Closings on University Grounds for Special Events and Construction/Utility Work
XV.J.1 Regulation of Firearms, Weapons and Destructive Devices
XV.K.1 Unified Emergency Response Plan
XV.L.1 Policy on University-Related Foundations