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Procedures Table of Contents


Section I Internal Controls
Section II Financial Accounting Procedures
Section III Budget
Section IV Student Financial Procedures
Section V Revenue and Collections
Section VI Disbursements General
Section VII Acquisitions of Goods and Services
Section VIII Sponsored Program Activities
Section IX Development and Investments
Section X Physical Resource Management
Section XI Personnel Procedures
Section XII Payroll Procedures
Section XIII Facilities Management
Section XIV Environmental Health and Safety
Section XV Other Procedures



I.  Internal Controls  [Top]

1-2 Completing the Internal Controls Questionnaire
1-3 Requesting an Alternate Reconciliation Schedule
1-4 Monthly Grants Accounting (GA) Reconciliation Procedure
1-5 Monthly General Ledger (GL) Reconciliation Procedure
1-7 Agreement for a Contracted Independent Organization (CIO)
1-8 CIO: Security Agreement and Financing Statement
1-9 Approving a Student Organization Fund-Raising Project

II.  Financial Accounting Procedures  [Top]

2-5 Preparation of Request for Petty Cash and Change Fund
2-6 Cash Deficits
2-11 Moving Cash Between General Ledger Projects

III.  Budget  [Top]

3-1 Preparation of Request for New Award
3-2 Preparation of Request for Installment Creation or Modification (ICOM) for Awards

IV.  Student Financial Procedures  [Top]

4-60 Request Federal Work-Study Student Employees
4-70 Fellowship Nomination & Authority Request (Under Development)
4-80 Completing Fellowship Disclosure Form

V. Revenue and Collections[Top]

5-1 Format to be Used in Calculating Support Services Unit Rates
5-2 Credit and Collection Procedures
5-3 Completing Department Referral Form (Revision Pending)
5-4 Completing Accounts Receivable Adjustment Form (Revision Pending)
5-5 Preparation of Direct Bank Deposits
5-6 Preparation of Central Cashier Deposits
5-9 Processing Expenditure Credits and Reimbursements
5-10 Completing Sales Tax Worksheet
5-20 Event-based Billing

VI. Disbursements General[Top]


VI.A Disbursements [Top]

6-5 Requesting LPO/PO Account/Object Code Change (Under Review)
6-17 Authorizing and Describing Direct Billing
6-18 Preparation of Interdepartmental Transfer Invoices (IDT's) (Revision Pending)

VI.B Travel [Top]

Note: For travel and meal reimbursements, please see Procedure 6-101 -- Preparing Payment Vouchers
6-20 Use of the University Travel Card
6-21 Requesting Traveler's Checks
6-24A Wiring Emergency/Travel Funds

VI.C Moving Expenses [Top]

6-30 Preparation of Employment Agreement for Moving Expenses
6-31 Reimbursement of Moving Expenses

VI.E Expenditure Reimbursements [Top]

6-60 Preparation of Revenue Refund Voucher

VI.F - VI.H Disbursements [Top]


Preparing Payment Vouchers (Revision Pending)

This procedure covers the following specific topics:

    • Preparing Payment Vouchers -- general
    • Petty Cash
    • Petty Cash Reimbursement
    • Travel Reimbursement
    • Vendor Paid Travel
    • Business Meal Certification
    • Approving Honoraria
    • Authorizing Contractual Teaching and Non-Teaching Academic Consulting
    • Requesting Payment in Foreign Currency
    • Paying Foreign Vendors
6-102 Receiving Goods and Services

VII. Acquisition of Goods and Services [Top]

7-9 Obtaining Board of Visitors Approval for Large Purchases (Under Review)
7-20 Preparation of Printing Requisition Form
7-30 Preparation of Telephone Service Request - SPRINT/CENTEL
7-31 Preparation of Telephone Service Request - ROLM
7-51 Application for Assignment of Permanent Motor Vehicle
7-53 Reserving Charter Buses
7-70 Preparation of Contract Approval Sheet (Under Review)
7-80 Completing an Insurance Incident Form
7-81 Completing Automobile Loss Notice
7-82 Reimbursing Housing Resident Claims
7-83 Recovering Departmental Damages from Third Parties
7-90 Requesting Treasury Board Financing
7-101 Adding and Registering Vendors
7-102 Preparing Purchase Requisitions
7-103 Preparing Limited Purchase Orders
7-104 Payment of a Moving Agent with a Purchase Order

VIII. Sponsored Program Activities [Top]

8-8 Request for an Individual Not Meeting Policy Criteria to Serve as a Prinicpal Investigator
8-9 Preparation of Proposal Approval Sheet and Budgeted Cost Sharing Forms
8-9A Completing Certification Regarding Debarment, Suspension, Ineligibility and Voluntary Exclusion Lower
Tier Covered Transactions
8-9B Completing Sole Source Justification for Research Project Subcontracts
8-9C Completing Drug Study Questionnaire
8-10 Multiple Principal Investigators on Federal Awards
8-11 Standard Addresses for Use on all Grant and Contract Proposals
8-12 Request to Establish or Extend Awards Prior to Receipt of Funding (“At-Risk” Awards)
8-13 Preparation of Grant and Contract Changes
8-14 Budgeting Direct Costs of Sponsored Programs
8-15 Transaction Controls and Notice of Award Distribution
8-16 Unrestricted Residual Balances on Sponsored Program Awards
8-18 External Subcontracting Under Sponsored Awards and Contracts
8-20 Preparation of Cost Transfers Involving Sponsored Program Accounts
8-21 Retroactive Cost Transfers for Expenditures
8-22 Retroactive Labor Distribution Adjustments
8-23 Charging Visa Application Fees to Sponsored Projects
8-24 Participant Support Costs
8-25 Program Income from Federal Grants and Contracts
8-30 Sponsored Program Budget Deficits
8-31 Time and Effort Certification
8-32 Cost Share Contributions To Federally Funded Sponsored Activities
8-33 Disability Leave and Research Grants
8-40 Graduate Student Health Insurance – FY 06
8-41 Graduate Student Health Insurance
8-50 Preparation of DOD Industrial Plant Equipment Requisition (Under Review)
8-52 Preparation of Maintenance and Use Records of U.S. Government - Owned Property
8-53 Preparation of Transfer Order
8-54 Resolving Financial Conflicts of Interest Related to Externally Funded Research

IX. Development and Investments [Top]

9-5 Processing Gifts in Kind
9-40 Internal Investment Program Procedures
9-41 Creating New or Withdrawing Funds from Quasi Endowment Projects
9-42 Creating New Gift Projects
9-43 Creating New True Endowment Projects
9-44 Creating Capital Asset Projects

X. Physical Resource Management [Top]

10-1 Preparation of Equipment Inventory Change Request
10-2 Transferring Equipment Between State Agencies
10-32 Controlling Equipment Trust Fund (ETF) Items
10-50 Receiving Fine and Decorative Art

XI. Personnel Procedures [Top]

11-1 Processing Faculty Overload Responsibilities for Supplemental Compensation (Under Review)
11-30 Requesting Approval for Serving Alcohol at University Events

XII. Payroll Procedures [Top]

  (See University Human Resources Payroll Policies)
12-10 Processing Labor Distribution Cost Transferss

XIII. Facilities Management [Top]

13-50 Requesting University Keys
13-51 Completing Key Issue - Return Receipt - Destruction Record
13-52 Master Key Verification

XV. Other Procedures [Top]

15-1 Providing Notice of Possible Conflict of Interests
15-2 Certification that No Conflict of Interest Exists
15-3 Conflict of Interest Template Disclosure Letter
15-4 Completing Patent Policy Agreement
15-6 Obtaining Permission to Copy
15-70 Approving New or Expanded Services and Activities
15-71 Recharge Centers: Accounting and Billing
15-90 Reserving the Rotunda
15-91 Requesting Road and Street Closing on University Grounds for Special Events