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Policy: I.G.1 (inactive)

Issued: May 27, 1994

Owner: Office of the Dean of Students

Latest Review: June 22, 2000



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1.0 Purpose

Purpose of Contracted Independent Organization Agreement and a Fraternal Organization Agreement

The purpose of the Contracted Independent Organization (CIO) and the Fraternal Organization (FO) agreement is to clarify the existing relationship between the University and the individual student organization and to permit the student organization's access to certain University services and benefits.

2.0 Policy [Top]

2.1 CIO's and FO's Relationships with the University

As a CIO or FO, a student organization has access to benefits and services provided by the University. A CIO or FO is, however, not a part of the University but exists and operates independently of the University. The University may exercise control over the CIO's or FO's activities occurring on the University's property or over matters covered by the University's honor or judicial systems.

2.2 Groups Required to Complete Attachments

Club sports groups need to complete Attachment A (Club Sports). No other category needs to be concerned with an attachment, but may petition for special group status.

2.3 Consultation with Legal Counsel

Student Legal Services will provide legal counsel for student organization officers who have questions about their personal and/or organizational liability and responsibility under the CIO and FO agreement.

2.4 Required Signatures for the CIO and FO Agreements

The authorized representative of individual student organizations, the respective Governing Group (if any), the representative of Student Council, and the representative of the University (The Office of the Dean of Students) will sign the CIO and FO agreements.

2.5 CIO Agreement Renewal

Each year, all student organizations requesting access to facilities and services for the academic year must complete a CIO or FO agreement.

2.6 Benefits and Services Provided to CIO's and to FO's

A CIO or FO is eligible to participate in the Intramural program, enter the film lottery, be acknowledged as a student organization at the University of Virginia, use the University's facilities, subject to applicable policies and procedures, and access the Student Council appropriated student activities fee fund (if eligible), subject to the provisions adopted by the Board of Visitors.

2.7 Existence of a Student Group That Is Not a CIO

A student organization can exist and operate without signing the CIO agreement. The organization would not, however, have access to the services and benefits provided by the University for student organizations.

2.8 Special Status Groups

Special status student organizations act as agents of the University in carrying out a University function(s) through authority delegated by an authorized University official. In such cases, the manner in which the function(s) is conducted is subject to the supervision and control of the University.

The officers of all special status student organizations are required to execute an annual letter of agreement with the responsible dean or vice president. The Office of the Dean of Students shall be notified of the designation of a special status student organization through the receipt of a copy of the initial as well as the annual letter of agreement.

The letter of agreement shall delineate the University function delegated to the special status group, and any limitation on the University's support of the delegated function, nor shall the University have any responsibility for any of the group's activities that are not specifically delegated University functions. The letter of agreement shall also state that the group shall not represent the University unless specifically delegated in the letter itself.

Provided the delegated function(s) is conducted by the special status student organization within University expectations and policies, the activity shall be considered a University activity. "Special status" entitles an activity to receive office space and administrative assistance through its vice presidential/dean area. The vice president/dean is responsible for funding special status student organization(s) through Board of Visitors and other UVa funding sources (other than student activities fees), and for establishing the internal controls necessary to administer and account for the funds.

The special status student organization shall be solely responsible for activities conducted by the organization that have not been officially delegated to it by the University. When conducting non- University authorized activities, the student organization is considered by the University to be non-special status and, therefore, not acting as an agent of the University.

See also the following procedures:

2.9 Security Interest Statement

Equipment purchased by a Contracted Independent Organization (CIO) involving Student Activities Funds (SAF) are intended for the long- term benefit of the CIO, and not for the personal benefit of the organization's officers or for other improper uses. In order to protect that interest the University maintains a security interest in all equipment purchased in whole or in part by monies provided to the CIO from the SAF. For purchases greater than $500, the Student Activities Business Manager will file the security agreement with the State Corporation Commission and the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Albemarle County. The University may enforce its security interest if the CIO disbands or ceases to be active or become insolvent. The CIO may have the University's security interest terminated by paying to the University an amount agreed to by the University and the CIO, taking into account the purchase price or that part of the purchase price provided to the CIO by the SAF, and the present value of the equipment. This payment must be from non-SAF funds. The security interest does not indicate ownership by the University; the sole purpose of the agreement is to protect the University's interest in the equipment; its replacement or its proceeds.

The CIO maintains ownership of the equipment and is responsible for the use, maintenance, and condition of the equipment. The CIO is expected to maintain all equipment in safe, good-working order. Any security interest will remain in effect unless terminated by the payment of the amount described above or released by the University. The University will release its security interest when it is in the best long-term interests of the student population and the CIO. The CIO must notify the University, in writing, upon disposing of or trading in any equipment subject to a security interest or upon any change in form or name of the CIO.

3.0 Definitions [Top]

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