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                      UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA


The Billing and Receivables System (BRS) is a computer-based system
used to manage certain University receivables, which are primarily
centered in the Bursar's Office.  BRS records and bills charges,
payments, scholarship and fellowship awards, deposits, housing,
meal plans, write-offs, and write-ons in the areas of:

                                                         BRS Ledger
 Regular session student tuition and fees,            
      housing and meal charges

 Summer session student tuition and fee charges         4

 Delinquent referred accounts receivable                5

 Short-term student loans                               6

 Travel advances                                        7

 Returned checks                                        8

 Newcomb Hall Bookstore                                 9

 Division of Continuing Education Centers:
        Abingdon                                             A
        Richmond                                             B
        Central Virginia                                     C
        Hampton                                              H
        Lynchburg                                            L
        Northern Virginia                                    N
        Roanoke                                              R

BRS receives and processes information from the following sources.

     Batch transactions from schools, departments, and activities,
     The Registrar's Student Information System (SIS),
     The Financial Aid System, and
     The cashiering bank lock box.

BRS calculates student tuition and fees based on information
received from SIS.  The BRS database also allows management to
retrieve data in a variety of formats.

 BRS "on-line" provides on-line inquiry capability for  accounts
 in the current file.

      Purge capability allows record retention of accounts meeting
 select criteria on a history file.

     Computer programs access virtually all information in the
 database and produce reports.         

Other accounting functions provided by BRS include:

 Set-Off Debt Collection (SODC) referral function - past due
 balances are referred to the State SODC System for collection

 Write-off candidate identification provides management and  the
Board of Visitors an accurate report for their review and    

 Revenue distribution of collections for transmittal to FAS

 Payment of scholarship/fellowship credits to the State.

BRS receivable aging provides management reports for the Bursar's
Office as well as other departments and activities (e.g., Alderman
Library, Parking and Transportation, Office of Financial Aid to
Students, etc.).

See also Procedure 4-21, "Preparation of Batch Transmittal          
                Maintenance Transactions," and

         Procedure 4-22, "Preparation of BRS Adjustment Card."

ISSUED BY:                                                 01/01/89

University Bursar