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Policy: IV.G.1

Issued: July 17, 1989

Owner: Student Financial Services

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1.0 Purpose

This policy describes the general guidelines for use of nomination and authority forms.

2.0 Policy [Top]

Awards administered by the Scholarship and Fellowship Section of Student Financial Services are authorized through the Financial Aid System. Such awards are authorized by submitting Nomination and Authority forms through the Financial Aid System. A recipient may have his/her account in the Student Accounts portion of the Integrated Student Information System (ISIS) credited and/or receive stipend check payments, or both.

The Nomination and Authority form is used to authorize scholarships, fellowships, and traineeships. The following procedures describe how to prepare the Nomination and Authority form:

Note: If the recipient is a non-student, the Non-Student Biographic Data Sheet must be processed through the Integrated Student Information System (ISIS) BEFORE the Nomination and Authority form may be processed through the Financial Aid System.

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