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The Combo can be used to make payments to individuals serving as
consultants, guest lecturers, or providing some other specialized
service.  The individual's Social Security Number or Federal Tax
Number and home address must be obtained and entered on the
Invoice. (NOTE: For nonresident aliens, social security numbers/tax
identification numbers may not always be available.)  Payments to
individuals must be mailed to appropriate non-UVA addresses.

See also Policy VI.A.1, "Disbursements:  General Requirements."

In addition, the following certification must be included in the
description section and signed by the department head, principal
investigator, or official designee.

 "The individual indicated as vendor on this invoice has been
 engaged as an independent contractor to render services to the
 University of Virginia.  The University does not directly control
 the method, hours, or results of the services rendered.  Further,
 the individual indicated is not currently an employee of the
 University of Virginia."

Compensation to individuals employed by the University, or to any
other person who cannot otherwise meet the test of the above
certification, must be initiated through the Payroll System on a
Wage Employee Form.  Internal consulting or additional services
provided by University faculty are normally considered part of
their required duties.  Refer to University policy and procedures
on internal overload compensation.

See also Policy XI.A.1. "Faculty Overload Responsibilities for
Supplemental Compensation."

See also Procedure 6-4, "Preparing Combo Forms."

Payments to Foreign National Visitors - VISA Status

The Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) limits the types
of payments that foreign nationals can receive based on the type of
visa they possess.  The INS is serious about enforcement of these
regulations and penalties which can include revoking an
institution's ability to sponsor foreign national visitors.

See also Procedure 6-3, "Paying Foreign National Individuals," for
an explanation of visa types and how the type of visa effects
payment to the individual.

ISSUED BY:                                                 01/24/94

Assistant Comptroller
for Accounting Operations      6.1.5