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                      UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA

TITLE:  INTER-AGENCY TRANSFERS                       POLICY: VI.A.7x

University or Medical Center department or activities crediting or
disbursing funds to other state agencies should process checks or
use the electronic data interchange (EDI) to pay other state
agencies.  Payments to the University or Medical Center departments
must also be in the form of checks or EDI payments.

These procedures should NOT be used for transactions among
University of Virginia agencies.  These agencies are:

 207  University of Virginia

 209  University of Virginia Medical Center

 246  Clinch Valley College (CVC)

 948  Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center

Transactions among University of Virginia agencies should be
initiated in accordance with Policy VI.A.6, "Payments to University

See also Procedure 6-19, "Preparation of Inter-Agency Transfer

NOTE: As of July 1, 1995, the Inter Agency Transfer form is no
      longer used by the University of Virginia for transfers with
      other state agencies.

ISSUED BY:                                                 07/01/95

Associate Comptroller
Accounting Operations         6.1.7