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                      UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA

TITLE:  TRAVEL AUTHORIZATION                        POLICY: VI.B.2x


TRAVEL AUTHORIZATION: Employees are required to prepare an estimate
of the total cost of any proposed travel that will be paid from
State funds (ledgers 1, 2, 3, and 7).  If the estimate of the total
cost of the proposed travel exceeds $500 for any one trip, the
traveler must obtain advance approval from the appropriate Dean or
Vice President.  Total cost includes airfare, mileage, lodging,
meals, conference registration, and other travel costs or course

CONVENTION AND CONFERENCE travel, paid from state funds (ledgers 1,
2, 3, and 7) requiring an overnight stay cannot be attended by more
than two (2) employees from the University of Virginia.  Employees
holding an executive office in the sponsoring organization or
scheduled as presenters of the convention or conference program are
exempt from this limitation.  Exceptions to this policy may be
granted by the Secretary of Education based on justification and
approval by the appropriate Dean or Vice President.

TRAVEL CHARGE CARDS provide travelers with a means of charging
expenses incurred while conducting official University business. 
Charge cards should typically be issued to individuals who travel
overnight at least twice per year.  Charge card services must be
obtained through the State-wide contract with American Express
(Amex).  Currently, Amex cards are provided at no fee to either the
University or the traveler.  Neither the Commonwealth nor the
University incurs any liability through the use of charge cards.  

See also Policy VI.B.10, "American Express Travel Card."

All charge card bills are sent by Amex to the individual cardholder
who is responsible for the charges. Travelers must request travel
reimbursement quickly to pay the corresponding Amex bill within its

INTERNAL CONTROL OVER TRAVEL:  A dean, department head, or activity
head has the discretion to establish additional procedures or
limits with respect to travel, but must also enforce them.


The travel voucher must be approved by the traveler's supervisor or
equivalent who has knowledge that the travel was appropriate and
actually occurred.  Only the President, Vice Presidents, and
specified administrative officers of the University are exempt from
this requirement.

See Procedure 6-25 for a list of the exempt officers.

Signature authority for approval of a travel reimbursement can be
delegated to a responsible designee as long as he/she knows that
the travel was appropriate and actually occurred.  The
appropriateness of the delegation may be subject to review by the
State Auditor of Public Accounts, Internal Audit, and/or Accounting
Operations. Supervisory signatures will also represent departmental

      NOTE: Those University officers exempt from supervisory
      approval of their travel vouchers should LEAVE BLANK the
      "Traveler's Supervisor" certification block, and instead
      attach a copy of the letter granting exemption.  Departmental
      approval must appear at the bottom of the Travel
      Reimbursement Form.  Copies of the exemption letter are
      available from the Assistant Vice President for Finance.  

OUT-OF-COUNTRY TRAVEL  (See also discussion on page

For purposes of this paragraph, travel to Canada or Puerto Rico is
not considered to be out-of-country travel.

All out-of-country travel paid from STATE funds (Ledgers 1, 2, 3,
and 7) must be approved by the appropriate Dean or Vice President.  
Out-of-country travel paid from LOCAL funds (Ledgers 4, 6, 8, & 9)
should be approved according to the normal departmental procedures
applicable to all expenditures.

Foreign travel related to sponsored grants and contracts (Ledger 5
accounts) must have prior written approval from the sponsor, unless
already authorized in the Notice of Award.  The Office of Sponsored
Programs or the appropriate research administrator should be
contacted for assistance in determining sponsor requirements and
allowances regarding foreign travel expense reimbursement.

Foreign currency conversion costs are reimbursable.

ISSUED BY:                                                 07/01/95

Associate Comptroller for
Accounting Operations