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                      UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA

TITLE:  AIR TRAVEL CONTRACT                          POLICY: VI.B.9x 


Many colleges and universities have travel contracts in force.  The
objectives of these travel contracts are generally threefold.

          To minimize and control travel costs,

          To provide better service to faculty and staff, and

          To gather travel information.

This policy applies to all University of Virginia travel
expenditures from any fund source.

Policy Issues

The basic policy issues of the University's new travel contract are
as follows.

All airline tickets issued, must be purchased through one of the
four officially-designated travel agencies.  The four travel
agencies through August 31, 1994 are:

     Accent on Travel,
     Carlson/Cosmopolitan Travel Centre

     Enterprise Travel and

     Globe Travel.

Users Information

Use of the air travel contract is MANDATORY for:

          All Charlottesville-based faculty, staff, and students
          traveling at University expense, and

          For all air travel reservations and ticket purchases.

Use of the air travel contract is MANDATORY for (cont'd):

          NOTE: Personal credit card charges for air fare by
          Charlottesville-based employees will not be reimbursed,
          except for situations when the traveler must change the
          travel itinerary during the trip.

          NOTE: A University of Virginia Air Travel Exception Form
          is required for ALL exceptions to the air travel
          contract.  See Procedure 6-28A.  The Air Travel Exception
          Form must be submitted with the travel expense
          reimbursement voucher after the trip is completed.

          Note:  The original final copy of the airline ticket must
          be included for an individual to be reimbursed.

Use of the air travel contract is NOT REQUIRED for:

          Out-of-town-based travelers coming to Charlottesville,
          e.g., speakers, recruits, etc., if such tickets are
          purchased out-of-town,

          En route travel changes,

          Group travel arrangements for conferences, etc., when the
          conference (or organization sponsoring it) arranges with
          the travel agency or airline to provide group rates, and
          the offered rate is lower than can be provided by the
          contract travel agency.
          NOTE:  Prior to accepting exclusive conference prices,
          obtain quote(s) from at least one contracted travel
          agency for equivalent accommodations.  The lowest
          available rate should be used

          University faculty and staff that are non-
          Charlottesville-based, and

          Air Charter Service, although these services must be 
          procured competitively through Purchasing and Materials

Use of the air travel contract is OPTIONAL for: 

          Reservations for other means of transportation, and 

          The traveler's hotel/motel and rental car reservations. 

          NOTE: These services will not be billed directly to the
          University and must be paid by the traveler. 
          Reimbursement for such services will be through the
          travel expense reimbursement procedure.

Use of the air travel contract is RESTRICTED from househunting
trips or other moving-related travel for new employees.

TRAVEL PRIVILEGES/UNUSED TICKETS:  Any special privileges received
from University travel, i.e., frequent flyer coupons, reduced
rates, free services, free trips, free gifts, etc., or any unused
portions of air or rail tickets, belong to the University.  These
special privileges/unused tickets should be reported to the
traveler's department and be used to reduce other appropriate
travel expenses.  Failure to report such privileges could result in
disciplinary action.

See also Policy I.A.2., "Reporting Fraudulent Transactions."

Out-of-country travelers may be required to obtain vice-
presidential approval as explained in Policy VI.B.1.  The out-of-
country approval form (Procedure 6-21)  need not accompany the
Travel Authorization form (Procedure 6-28) to pay of for the
tickets.  However, the out-of-country approval must be submitted
with the travel expense reimbursement voucher after the trip is

See also:

Procedure 6-27, "Making Airline Reservations."

Procedure 6-28, "Purchasing Airline Tickets."

Procedure 6-28A, "Approval for Exception from Air Travel Contract."          

Procedure 6-29, "Exchanging or Returning Airline Tickets."

ISSUED BY:                                                 11/15/91
Chief Contracting Officer    
and Assistant Comptroller
for Accounting Operations