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                      UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA

Purchasing operates the Storehouse, the
Chemical Storeroom, the Depot, and Medical Center Storeroom
(located at University Hospital).  The functions of these stores

     To provide University departments with easy access to commonly
     used supplies, equipment, and furniture;

     To provide these items at the lowest price available resulting
     from volume discounts;

     To reduce the amount of space University departments must
     allocate for storage;

     To provide safe storage for large volumes of hazardous 
     chemicals and compressed gas cylinders; and

     To reduce vendor and shipper traffic on Grounds.

The Storehouse stocks maintenance supplies and tools, janitorial
supplies and equipment, office supplies and office furniture.  The
Chemical Storeroom stocks flammable, corrosive and other chemicals
used by the research and patient care communities at the
University.  The Depot stocks household items and patient care
supplies used primarily by the University of Virginia Hospitals. 
The Medical Center Storeroom stocks patient care supplies used in
University Hospitals. Goods stocked in the Stores are stocked
either at the request of user departments or when a Grounds-wide
demand is identified by Purchasing buyers.

University departments are required to purchase items stocked from
the Purchasing and Materials Services Stores to take advantage of
the low prices resulting from large volume discount buying.  To
obtain Stores stock items, departments submit a University Stores
Requisition (available from the Storehouse, Stock Number 31193.) to
the appropriate store.  Stores catalogues are available on-line on
PUBLIC or through CAPPS data entry.

See also Procedure 7-10, "Preparation of Requisition from General

Departments wishing to place an item in Stores stock may have that
request evaluated by completing a Request for New Stock Item form
(available from the Storehouse, Stock Number 33035) and forwarding
it to Purchasing. This form requires that the requestor cite the
item with complete specifications, known supply sources, anticipated
usage, reasons for stocking the item,
estimated price, and other pertinent data. 

Purchasing will evaluate the item on the
basis of storage space required, availability of monies to fund the
inventory, safety and security considerations, and level of usage.

ISSUED BY:                                               01/04/94
Chief Contracting Officer          7.1.2