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Policy: VII.A.1x2 (inactive)

Issued: January 4, 1994

Owner: Director of Procurement Services

Latest Revision: March 31, 2000



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1.0 Purpose

This policy describes the general guidelines for using the services of University Chemstores.

2.0 Policy [Top]

Procurement Services operates Chemstores. The function of Chemstores is:

Chemstores stocks flammable and corrosive chemicals, enzymes, reagents and lab supplies used primarily by research departments at the University. Products stocked in the Chemstores are stocked either at the request of user departments or when a Grounds-wide demand is identified by Procurement Services.

University departments are not required to purchase product stocked in Chemstores but it is highly recommended to take advantage of contract and volume discounts, on-line ordering, IDT billing, and timely deliveries from chemstores inventory. To obtain Chemstores products, departments enter a University Stores requisition using CAPPS on-line. Chemstores catalogues are available on-line on through CAPPS or from the Procurement Services website.

See also Procedure 7-10, "Preparation of Chemstores Requisition."

Departments wishing to place an item in Chemstores stock may have that request evaluated by completing a Request for New Stock Item form and forwarding it to Procurement Services. This form requires that the requestor cite the item with complete specifications, known supply sources, anticipated usage, reasons for stocking the product, estimated price, and other pertinent data. The request for new stock item can be found on the University's e-form directory or and electronic version can be submitted from Procurement Services website.

Procurement Services will evaluate the product on the basis of storage space required, availability of monies to fund the inventory, safety and security considerations, and level of usage.


3.0 Definitions [Top]

4.0 References [Top]

5.0 Approvals and Revisions [Top]

       Previous version in effect from 1/4/94 to 3/31/00 available in policy archive.

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