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                      UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA


All University property considered surplus, excess, unwanted, etc.
MUST be disposed of by Purchasing in accordance with State 
policies and procedures.  Departments with items such as these 
can contact Purchasing and Materials Services for specific
procedural information.

Any disposal of University property including transfers of equip-
ment to other state agencies or other institutions of higher
education should be done through Purchasing and Materials Services'
Surplus Property Office (924-3338).

The Virginia Conflict of Interests Act allows University employees
to purchase University surplus property at auctions when the amount
of each purchase does not exceed $500.  The $500 limit does not
apply to the total of goods purchased at the auction, but rather to
each separate sale.  A separate sale is considered complete when
the auctioneer so announces by the fall of the gavel or another
customary manner.

It is the responsibility of each University employee not to make
purchases exceeding the $500 limit.  If such a purchase is made,
the employee will be in violation of the Conflict of Interests Act.

See also Policy XV.A.1, "Conflict of

University-owned equipment, materials, and supplies considered
surplus to one department may be transferred to another department,
or may be turned over to Purchasing and foreventual transfer to 
another department or disposal, as appropriate.  If the transfer
involves previously-inventoried equipment costing more than
$2,000, the relinquishing department should also notify the 
University Property Accounting Section of the Department of
Financial Analysis of the change in locations.

Note:  To keep the equipment inventory current, departments should
promptly notify University Property Accounting, via the Equipment
Inventory Change Request Form (P-1), when departments:

     Obtain equipment without using a Combo Form,

     Permanently transfer equipment from one location to another,

     Dispose of equipment.

See also Policy X.A.1, "Maintenance of Equipment

See also Procedure 7-6, "Preparing
Surplus Property Action Form."

See also Procedure 10-1, "Preparation
of Equipment Inventory Change

ISSUED BY:                                                 10/31/96
Chief Contracting
Officer                        7.1.6