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Policy: VII.B.3

Issued: November 2, 1995

Owner: Assistant Vice President for Business Operations

Latest Revision:

This policy has been migrated to the standardized format.

1.0 Purpose

This policy describes the operation and uses of the University mail services as an official contract station of the U.S. Postal Service.

2.0 Policy [Top]

University Mail Services operates Newcomb Hall Post Office, which is an official contract station of the U. S. Postal Service, and McKim Mailroom. University Mail Services provides delivery of official business correspondence among the various departments, schools and administrative offices of the University through its Messenger Mail Service.

Services include:

University Mail Services' primary function is to process mail related to University business. This policy applies to the use of Messenger Mail, incoming U.S. Mail, and all postage and postage meters. Employees should make arrangements to receive all incoming personal mail and packages (including UPS) at their home address.

Outbound personal and official US Mail can be posted at any US Post Office, including the Newcomb Hall Post Office, or at the McKim Mailroom, or placed in US Postal Service collection boxes. A stamp machine is also available to assist customers.

A complete mailing address is required on all Messenger Mail correspondence, including the individual's name, department, building name or street address. When applicable, also include a room number, departmental subdivision name, box number or other identifying information.

NOTE: ** Departments are asked to verify their mailing addresses in the UVA telephone directory to assist those that address mail to the department.**

When departments relocate, or if the mailing address changes for any reason, departments are to notify the Newcomb Hall Post Office at least three weeks in advance of the change. (Medical School Departments should notify McKim Hall Mailroom.) This will maintain records to help ensure accurate mail delivery.

Messenger Mail deliveries are normally provided to a central location in each building. When several offices or departments are in the building, mail sorting bins should be provided by building occupants.

2.1 Priority Mail

Messenger Mail offers a "priority mail route" service to administrative offices. Priority mail outbound containers are located at specific pickup points, and only outbound mail and packages for other Administrative Route departments receiving priority mail service should be placed in the specially marked outbound container. This container identifies all of the other locations on the Administrative Route served by priority mail, and states the approximate pick up and delivery times at each of these locations. University Mail Services will take mail from the priority mail outbound container and deliver it to the specified priority location at the next available delivery time. Priority mail placed in outbound containers after the time of the last pickup of the day will not be delivered until the first available time the next morning. Where space is available in departmental mailrooms, University Mail Services will also place a priority service inbound container. Only priority mail will be placed in this container. Administrative Route messenger mail being sent to or delivered from departments not serviced by priority mail will continue to be processed through Newcomb Hall and will not be part of priority mail. Mail to and from department which do not have priority mail service should not be placed in priority service containers, and should be placed in regular messenger mail boxes.

2.2 Bulk Mailings

Special large volume Messenger Mailings to University addressees, such as newsletters, special announcements and other large dispatches, can be handled with special pick-ups by calling the Newcomb Hall Post Office at 924-3123, 24-hours in advance. (Medical School Departments should notify McKim Hall Mailroom at 924-2048.)

When sending internal bulk mailings of newsletters and other materials of more than 100 pieces, bundle mail by building, department, or delivery address, and label each bundle for expeditious handling. Bundles for Grounds deliveries should be separated from those for the Health Sciences Center.

Mass mailings sent via Messenger Mail must originate from a University Department and be related to University business.

2.3 Books and Packages

Books, parcels and packages, due to their weight and bulk, cannot be handled easily by the messengers on their regularly scheduled routes. Departments receive a card notifying them they have a parcel or package to pick up at the Newcomb Hall Post Office. Books being returned to University libraries are not processed through the mail system and must be returned directly to the libraries.

2.4 Time Sheet Collection

Each Monday a special collection of time sheets is made from the time sheet drop boxes at the Newcomb Hall Post Office, Gilmer Hall, and Cabell Hall for express delivery of weekly payroll forms to the Carruthers Hall Payroll Office. All envelopes should be clearly marked "Time Sheets for Payroll." Time sheets should be deposited in drop boxes no later than 11:30 a.m. When circumstances such as holidays require special submission times pickups will be arranged and announced via advance memorandum by the Payroll Office.

2.5 Inclement Weather and Holiday Deliveries

In the case of severe inclement weather, such as heavy snow, mail deliveries for the academic division will proceed as conditions permit with these priorities:

  1. Delivery of inbound US Mail to Madison Hall and Carruthers Hall.
  2. Completion of the morning Messenger Mail routes with priority given to the Administrative Route.
  3. Completion of afternoon routes as time and conditions permit.
  4. Delivery of payroll packets, if applicable.

University Mail Services Newcomb Hall Post Office and academic messenger mail service observes the holiday schedule followed by the academic division.

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