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Policy: VII.F.1 x (inactive)

Issued: June 6, 1997

Owner: Assistant Vice President for Business Operations

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1.0 Purpose

This policy describes the purpose and different uses for the University catering service.

2.0 Policy [Top]

2.1 University Catering Service

The Dining Services Division, through its University Catering Service, has the capability and facilities for providing catering services. This service is offered to the following groups.

2.2 Space Reservation

Persons wishing to use University Catering Service are required to first reserve space for the event in question.

2.3 Catering Service Reservations

Departments wishing to use University Catering Service may make arrangements directly without employing Procurement Services' bid procedure.

2.4 Location Availability

University Catering Service is available on and off Grounds, as long as the event is related to the University's or another State agency's business.

2.5 Location Restrictions

Only University Catering Service is allowed to cater in:

The Alumni Association restricts caterers in Alumni Hall. Departments/members wishing an activity catered at Alumni Hall should obtain the list of approved caterers, and then obtain bids, as appropriate.

2.6 Contracting with Non-University Caterers

Please see the Procurement Services website for information on this topic.

2.7 Information

More information on price lists, menus, etc., not covered in this policy may be obtained from the University Catering Service Office, third floor Newcomb Hall, 924-7234.

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