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Policy: VIII.D.2

Issued: December 15, 1986

Owner: University Comptroller

Latest Revision: August 28, 2000



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1.0 Purpose

This policy describes the determination of rates for activities that take place on-grounds or off-grounds.

2.0 Policy [Top]

All activities conducted in facilities not owned by the University are considered off-Grounds. The following information pertains to the determination of whether an off-Grounds or on-Grounds rate is applicable.

Off-Grounds indirect cost rates may apply to a grant or contract only if a portion of the research or operations is performed at a research facility not owned by the University. The off-Grounds research facility may be rented, government- owned or another university. On-Grounds rates apply to projects where data is collected in the field and then brought to the University for "processing", i.e. laboratory analysis, computer analysis, etc.

If a predominant amount of total professional effort is expended at the off-Grounds facility, then the off-Grounds rate may be applied to the entire project. If, conversely, the predominant amount is expended on-Grounds, then the on- Grounds rate should be applied to the entire project. For purpose of this policy, predominant is defined as 50% or greater.

Grant and contract proposals requesting the use of an off- Grounds rate for all or part of a project must include a summary chart of all professional effort showing the amounts to be expended on-Grounds and off-Grounds.

3.0 Definitions [Top]

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