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Policy: VII.Q.1

Issued: July 17, 1989

Owner: Director of Parking and Transportation Services

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Policy Table of Contents



1.0 Purpose

This policy describes the general guidelines provided by Parking and Transportation Services.

2.0 Policy [Top]

Parking and Transportation Services (P&T) is responsible for or provides the services described in this policy and those immediately following.

2.1 Use of Commercially Rented Vehicles

Reimbursement for the use of commercially rented vehicles for trips NOT originatingin the Charlottesville area will be allowed only when Unversity of Virginia discounts have been obtained. These discounts are available through the use of credit cards or other identification provided by the renting agency establishing the traveler as an official University of Virginia traveler.

For trips originating in the Charlottesville area, the above discount must be used and authorization from P&T must be obtained PRIOR TO TRAVEL stating that a University motor pool vehicle is not available.

EXCEPTION: The P&T authorization is not required when the rental car is used from Charlottesville to a regional airport AND the trip involves an overnight stay.

Commercial, rental agency discount coupons are available from the Motor Pool Dispatchers Office at 1101 Millmont Street.

2.2 Permanently Assigned Motor Pool Vehicles

To assure compliance with pertinent Commonwealth of Virginia regulations, motor pool passenger vehicles may be permanently assigned to departments only if the following criteria are met.

See also:

Procedure 7-51 "Application of Assignment for Permanent Vehicle."

2.3 Use of Motor Maintenance Facilities

P&T has facilities to maintain and repair University owned or affiliated motor vehicles. The maintenance shop is located at 1101 Millmont Street, and work is scheduled through the Maintenance Manager, 924-6776. The Maintenance Manager will coordinate with local vendors any work beyond the scope of the shop.

Unleaded gasoline is also available for University owned or affiliated vehicles. A self service island is located at the south end of the Millmont Street facility. The gas pump is activated by using a motor pool gas card issued with every motor pool vehicle.

2.4 Use of Personally Owned Vehicles

Mileage for the use of personally owned vehicles will be allowed at $.24 per mile. To be reimbursed at this rate, a Payment Voucher must be submitted.

See also:

Procedure 6-101 "Preparing Payment Vouchers"

2.5 Parking Regulations

See Policy: VII.Q.2

2.6 University Bus System

See Policy: VII.Q.3

2.7 University Motor Pool Vehicles

See Policy: VII.D.2

3.0 Definitions [Top]

4.0 References [Top]

5.0 Approvals and Revisions [Top]

Policy rendered inactive on July 13, 2007. Policy Review Committee anf Parking & Transportation determined there is no longer a need for this policy.

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