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Policy: XIII.C.1

Issued: February 9, 1994

Owner: Chief Facilities Officer

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This policy has been replaced by
PRM-002 - Energy Management and Sustainability,
PRM-003 - Recycling, and
PRM-004 - Excavation,
which have been migrated to the standardized format.

1.0 Purpose

This policy describes the the Utilities Services part of Facilities Management.

2.0 Policy [Top]

Facilities Management Utilities Department operates and maintains all University utilities plants and utilities distribution systems with the exception of telephone services, which are provided by the Department of Information Technology and Communication.

See also:

Policy VII.O, "Telephone Services."

2.1 Services Available

All building heating and cooling systems and services are provided by Facilities Management, with the exception of systems and services within student housing facilities.

Steam and medium temperature hot water produced at the main heating plant are provided to the Central Grounds and Health Sciences Center. Domestic hot water from this plant is provided to selected buildings in the Health Sciences Center.

High temperature hot water and chilled water are provided from the North Grounds plant to North Grounds facilities, with the exception of the Copeley Hill apartments and Faulkner dormitories, each of which has separate heating and cooling units or systems. Chilled water is provided to some parts of the Health Sciences Center and Central Grounds area.

Electric power is purchased from Virginia Power Company and distributed throughout the University by means of a University- owned underground distribution system. Several University buildings are serviced directly by Virginia Power.

Water and sewer services are purchased from the City of Charlottesville, and service is provided through University water storage and distribution and sewage collection systems, with the exception of a few buildings served directly from the City's water and sewer systems.

All utility services, whether provided through the University distribution system or directly to buildings, are managed by Facilities Management Utilities Department. Malfunctions, outages, or any other problems associated with these systems and services should be reported to the appropriate service desk.

Scheduled utility outages of University buildings, including those served by other utility companies such as Virginia Power, are coordinated by Facilities Management. Notifications of scheduled shutdowns are sent to designated departmental facilities coordinators for each building and to other interested parties. Additional information about University utilities systems may be obtained from the Director, Utilities Department.

2.2 Systems Control Center

The Systems Control Center (SCC) operates a computer-based energy management system which remotely monitors and controls heating and cooling in many University and Medical Center buildings. Additionally, the SCC monitors many fire detection and security systems. Other equipment and systems may also be monitored from this system. An SCC operator is on duty at all times, and after working hours manages all utility-related matters and emergency requests for facilities services. University departments can request special monitoring services, for which there are initial and monthly charges. Special monitoring requirements can be discussed with the Director, Utilities Department.

2.3 Excavation Permits

Since most of the University's utilities distribution systems including the telephone system are underground, any excavations or digging on the Grounds must be approved in advance by Facilities Management. All planned excavations must be cleared with the Utilities Distribution Division, the location verified for underground utilities that may be affected, and a permit issued before excavation is started. Requests should be submitted at least three days in advance to permit utility companies and utilities department to mark their underground services in the affected areas.

See Procedure 13-2 (to be issued).

2.4 Energy Management

The University's energy conservation program is managed by Facilities Management Utilities Department. The program includes long-range energy use goals, temperature and lighting standards, and a facilities improvements program to modify buildings and utility systems to improve energy efficiency. Standards are established by the University president for temperature and lighting levels. Limited funding for energy conservation projects is made available through a surcharge on utilities rates.

Building occupants are encouraged to participate in the program by turning off lights when rooms are unoccupied or when outside window light is adequate, and by maintaining the building temperature at 68øF or cooler when heating systems are on, and 78øF or higher when mechanical cooling systems are operating. When temperatures cannot be maintained within these limits, the department should notify the appropriate Facilities Management service desk.

For safety and energy conservation, use of portable heaters is prohibited, except during short term emergency periods.

Questions and suggestions about energy management should be directed to the Director, Utilities Department, Facilities Management.

3.0 Definitions [Top]

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