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Policy: XIII.E.1x (inactive)

Issued: December 15, 1994

Owner: Chief Facilities Officer

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1.0 Purpose

Key control is one of the most important phases of any security program. Without proper key control, locks provide little deterrent to unauthorized or illegal entry into a facility. Therefore, it is essential that the University of Virginia provide guidance and regulation on the issuance, accounting, control, and return of all keys under the Master Keyed System used to control access to facilities at the Academic Division (Agency 207) and University of Virginia Medical Center (Agency 209).

All University EDUCATIONAL AND GENERAL facilities will eventually be secured by lock systems with the capability of being integrated into the University Master Keyed System. Exceptions shall be approved by the UNIVERSITY CHIEF OF POLICE.

2.0 Policy [Top]

2.1 Systems Authority and Responsibility

Facilities Management(FM) is authorized to make and issue keys for The University's Master Keyed System. Unless specifically approved by FM, keys manufactured or duplicated by a vendor or through any other source are strictly prohibited. (See CODE OF VIRGINIA Section below). Other organizations, such as the Housing Division, with the capability and resources for proper control, are authorized to make and issue keys in their areas.

FM is responsible for maintaining key and cylinder records, making keys, providing office forms used for the Master Keyed System, and issuing periodic reports. Other authorized key-making departments will do the same for their areas.

2.2 Code of Virginia

No person shall knowingly possess an unauthorized key or duplicate any key to property owned or leased by the University of Virginia. Violation will constitute a Class 3 misdemeanor of the State Code reproduced below:


a. No person shall knowingly possess any key to the lock of any building or other property owned by the Commonwealth of Virginia, or a department, division or agency thereof, without receiving permission from a person duly authorized to give such permission to possess such key.

b. No person, without receiving permission from a person duly authorized to give such permission shall knowingly duplicate, copy, or make a facsimile of any key to a lock of a building or other property owned by the Commonwealth of Virginia, or a department, division or agency thereof. (Code 1950, 18.1-408; 1972, c. 1939; 1975, cc, 14, 15)

2.3 Master Key Approval and Verification

Approving authorities can only authorize master keys for areas directly under their control. Requests for master keys will be sent to the appropriate vice-president or their designee and APPROVED by the University Chief of Police. Annually, approving authorities or their designee shall verify the physical existence of change keys they have authorized. A change key is a key that operates only one cylinder or one group of keyed alike cylinders. FM shall verify the physical existence of master keys authorized by University Vice Presidents in accordance with Procedure 13-52.

Approving authorities are responsible for ensuring the return of all University of Virginia keys to the FM lockshop when an employee leaves their organization.

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2.4 Financial Responsibility

Maintenance and repair of master keyed systems for Educational and General FACILITIES are funded by FM. Auxiliaries are responsible for funding repairs to their master keyed systems. Approving authorities will be responsible for funding all costs associated to resecure (rekey) an area when security is compromised or becomes a concern because a key is lost, stolen or otherwise unaccounted for.

2.5 Issuing Keys

When AUTHORIZED by a Vice President, or their designee AND APPROVED BY UNIVERSITY CHIEF OF POLICE, FM will issue a master key directly to the person responsible for its custody and use. Non-master keys will be issued to a departmental official, if desired, who is then responsible for issuing and controlling the keys within the department. Whether issued by FM or by a departmental official, the custody of a key is to be recorded on a Key-Issue/Return Receipt form. These forms can be obtained from the FM Work Control Division.

See Also:

Procedure 13-51, "Issuing/Returning/Destruction/ University Master Keys".

2.6 Returning of Master Keys

When master keys are broken or when no longer required, the responsible person shall return the master key in person to the FM lockshop. The FM Lockshop shall fill out receipt for the master key on FM Form 2-93, providing a copy to the responsible person.

2.7 Destruction of Master Keys

FM Lockshop is solely responsible for the destruction of the master key in such a manner to prevent its duplication. Destruction of a master key shall be recorded on FM Form 2-93 and shall be maintained in a permanent file.

2.8 Responsibility of Key Recipients

All keys remain the property of the University of Virginia. Individuals with custody of University keys are authorized to use them for access to their work areas. Key recipients are responsible for returning keys to the FM lockshop when they are no longer needed. FM will issue one key to an individual for access to a room or area. Departmental keys are for use by several people within a department. These keys will remain secured at the University after working hours. A member of the department must have custody of these keys and be responsible for their security. Individuals assigned custody of departmental keys may request and receive more than one key to a particular area.

Key recipients are responsible for reporting lost keys immediately to departmental representatives who in turn must advise FM and the University Police. Lost or stolen keys or possession of unauthorized keys will be reported to the University Police and to the department head for appropriate investigation, disciplinary and/or legal action. In the case of students, failure to return keys can result in judicial action under the University Judiciary Standards of Conduct.

2.9 Vendor Access to University Property

Vendors requiring access to University property should obtain keys from the department responsible for the vendor contract. The issuing department is responsible for all charges resulting from lost vendor keys.

2.10 Non-University Master System Keys

Department heads shall submit requests WITH JUSTIFICATION to remove an area from the University's Master Keyed System to the UNIVERSITY CHIEF OF POLICE. Upon approval, FM will make the keys. However, no extra keys will be maintained. Further requests must be made with a properly approved key request.

See Also:

The requesting department must furnish the University Police with names and phone numbers of two people who will be available for after hours call-out if an emergency occurs. If the police are unable to contact these persons and the safety of the building or occupants require forced entry, the requesting department will be responsible for the cost of repairs.

2.11 Lockouts

Occasionally, keys are forgotten by an individual requiring building access. When this occurs and a building master key is not available, security personnel may be of assistance. Additionally, FM lock-shop personnel will respond to a lock-out situation, but a service call fee based on time and materials will be charged. Medical Center security will respond to all lock out situations at the Medical Center. If FM lockshop personnel are required, Medical Center security will contact the FM lockshop.

University Police will respond only to emergency lockout situations.

2.12 Reports

FM will prepare and distribute MASTER KEY VERIFICATION REPORTS ANNUALLY. These reports are for informational purposes and can be used by approving authorities to verify keys issued under their authority.

Type of Report
Issued To
Grand Master
Vice Presidents
University Police
Building Master
Vice Presidents
University Police
Lost Master Key Report
Vice President
University Police
Approving Authority


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