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                      UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA

TITLE:  PAYROLL:  PAYCHECKS                        POLICY:  XII.J.1x
General Information

All paychecks are distributed by the Bursar's Office Check
Distribution Section to an employee's home department, or if
eligible, directly to their bank for deposit on the appropriate pay
day.  (See also Direct Deposit Authorization section,page, 
concerning eligibility for direct deposit of paychecks.)

Pay Dates

Paychecks are available to employees on the following schedule:

     Monthly employees will be paid the first of each month.

 Semi-monthly employees will be paid the first and sixteenth of
 each month.

 Wage employees will be paid on the second Friday after starting
 work and each Friday thereafter.  This will include regular and
 overtime wage income (i.e., overtime, shift differential, on-call,
 and call-back).

 Salary overtime payments will be paid approximately every two
 weeks according to normal Payroll overtime schedules.  Employees
 should contact their Departmental Payroll Contact for the salary
 overtime schedule.

NOTE:  When the first or sixteenth of a month falls on a Saturday
or Sunday, pay day will be the preceding Friday.  If a pay day
falls on a University scheduled holiday, pay day will be the
preceding work day.

ISSUED BY:                                                 03/12/92 
Assistant Comptroller for
Accounting Operations          12.10.1