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Transfer of Personal Services using IDT's

Inter-Departmental Transfer Forms (IDT's) CANNOT be used to
transfer payroll expenditures between departments.  If transfers
are necessary, refer to the appropriate policies contained within
this section.

Salary Transfers

Generally, to transfer salary charges, a department must submit the
appropriate paperwork to the Department of Human Resources.

For classified salary transfers, the department must submit the
information on a Personnel Change Notice or an RG-1 (for Ledger 5
accounts) to Human Resource's Classified Transactions and Records

For faculty salary transfers, the department must submit either a
Faculty Personnel Action Form or an RG-1 (for Ledger 5 accounts) to
Human Resource's Faculty Transactions and Records Division.

The Payroll Department can only process the salary transfers AFTER
receiving this information from Human Resources.

Questions concerning salary transfers that have been submitted to
Department of Human Resources AND forwarded to Payroll are to be
submitted, IN WRITING, to the Payroll Transactions Accountant.

Written inquiries should contain the following information:

     Employee name and social security number.

 Employee pay source (pay type, account number, and object code)

 Pay period(s) affected, the original salary charges, AND the
 correct amount of salary charges.

     Departmental contact's name and telephone number.

Payroll will verify with the departmental contact any additional
salary transfers before they are processed to ensure accuracy.
Wage Transfers

To transfer wage charges, a department must submit a completed Wage
Transfer Form to Payroll.

Wage Transfer Forms are used to transfer wage charges from one pay
source to another.  A pay source consists of an account number, an
object code, and a pay type.  Forms can be obtained from the
Payroll Department and must be filled out completely.

Authorized signatures are required for the form to be processed by

If either pay source involves a Ledger 5 account, send the white
and canary copies of the Wage Transfer Form to the Office of
Sponsored Programs.  For all other accounts, send the white and
canary copies of the form to Payroll.

Questions concerning the completion and processing of Wage Transfer
Forms are to be directed to the Payroll Transactions Supervisor by
calling 924-4350.

NOTE:  All salary and wage transfers will be processed according to
normal Payroll schedules.

ISSUED BY:                                                 03/12/92 
Assistant Comptroller for
Accounting Operations