Policy: VII.Q.2

Issued: July 15, 1986

Owner: Director of Parking and Transportation Services

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1.0 Purpose

This policy describes the general guidelines regarding parking issues at the University.

2.0 Policy [Top]

2.1 General

Parking at the University of Virginia is generally allowed only by permit, except at meters or in attended lots. Permits are valid only in the designated lot and according to signs posted at the entrances.

Painted curbs also indicate controlled areas. Yellow paint means parking is prohibited at all times. Red paint means parking is limited according to the posted signs.

The University assumes no responsibility for the care and protection of any vehicle or its contents while parked in any University controlled area.

Parking regulations remain in effect throughout the year during normal business hours, unless otherwise posted. Permit regulations are lifted during certain University and Medical Center holiday seasons. Permit regulations are not lifted during student breaks, but temporary permits for certain lots may be purchased during such periods. Contact Parking and Transportation Services for details.

Visitor parking is available at Memorial Gym and the Medical Center. Metered parking is also available throughout the University. Visitors may purchase temporary permits for varying periods of time.

Bus passes and Student IDs are valid for unlimited rides on University Transit Services (UTS) busses. Passes are included with Staff's and Faculty's first vehicle registration and may also be purchased separately. Additional bus passes may be purchased for nonaffiliated family members of permit holders.

2.2 Permits

The following is a list of prerequisites for registering a vehicle to obtain a parking permit.

2.3 Permit Types

Staff, faculty, and off-Grounds students
Students in University housing
Green (Reserved)
By waiting list only. Also valid in the Blue areas.
Red (Resident)
University family housing
Second Car and Replacement Permits
Available at reduced rates. Only one vehicle is permitted in lots at the same time. Old permits must be returned before replacement permits may be obtained.
Temporary permits
Valid for up to three months.
Transferable mirror permits
Available for all areas.

Note: Permits and bus passes must be returned when a student, staff, or faculty member permanently leaves the University.

2.4 Parking Needs or Problems

Contact P&T during normal business hours for other parking needs or problems, including:

Contact the University Police for after-hour problems.

2.5 Parking Restrictions

P&T is responsible for enforcing the University's parking regulations, and does so by assessing fines, penalties, and revoking parking privileges. P&T holds the registrant, owner, and/or the operator of a vehicle responsible for any violations. If the ticket is the only one issued to a vehicle in the last twelve months, it will be considered a warning ticket with no fine due. Tickets believed to be warning tickets should be confirmed by contacting P&T.

2.6 Payment of Parking Fines

Payment of parking violations may be made by mail or in person at P&T. After seven days, any unpaid or unappealed tickets will be considered delinquent and a late penalty will be added. An additional penalty will be added to tickets delinquent thirty days or more.

2.7 Towing

P&T may tow a vehicle from the University Grounds at the owner's expense, if the vehicle has four or more delinquent tickets. P&T or the University Police may immobilize, remove, or put into storage any vehicle violating University parking regulations.

2.8 Special Event Parking

Parking areas of the University may be reserved after hours for other parking requirements. Among these are plays, concerts, speeches, ceremonies, etc. For home football games, the parking around Scott Stadium is restricted the night before the game. For home basketball games, the University Hall parking areas are reserved the day of the game.

2.9 Departing Employees

PERMANENT DEPARTURES: Employees must return parking permits (bumper decals and or/mirror hang tags) to P&T before departing. Not returning the permits can cause the following consequences:

EXTENDED LEAVE: CONTACT P&T AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. P&T will try to arrange a fair solution, to include sublet arrangements. Not contacting P&T to work out the parking space details while on extended leave can cause loss of parking space and/or forfeiture of any balance due.

2.10 Handicap Parking Spaces

Handicap parking spaces are restricted to vehicles with either:

All other vehicles in handicap parking spaces will be ticketed and towed. THIS POLICY IS STRICTLY ENFORCED.

2.11 Hearings and Appeals

Any person issued a parking ticket may appeal it by requesting a hearing with P&T within seven days, after which all appeal rights are forfeited. A Hearing Officer will decide if a violation has occurred and if any mitigating circumstances warrant dismissal of the ticket. A ticket sustained by the hearing may be appealed to the University Traffic Appeals Committee within ten working days after the hearing, after which all appeal rights are forfeited. A person may appear before the Appeals Committee by requesting such on the appeal form.

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