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Policy: XI.D.1

Issued: June 5, 1995

Owner: Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Latest Revision:


1.0 Purpose

This policy describes the general guidelines for funding events that recognize/appreciate employees.

2.0 Policy [Top]

In addition to the Department of Human Resources' Institutional Service Awards program, the University has established a program for recognizing all employees for the purpose of improving moral and supporting team building within University units.

This program allows for the expenditure of up to $5 per fiscal year per salaried employee for staff recognition and appreciation events. Departments employing wage employees may calculate the amount available for events by applying the $5 per year to a base that includes FULL-TIME EQUIVALENT wage employees.

Events held under this program may be receptions, picnics, parties, and other social activities that improve employee morale and support team building. Departments should schedule such events to minimize disruptions in the daily work schedule.

There are certain restrictions under this program, as follows:

Records of such employee recognition must be retained according to retention policies applicable to all fiscal records.

3.0 Definitions [Top]

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