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Policy: XIII.D.1

Issued: February 9, 1994

Owner: Chief Facilities Officer

Latest Revision:


1.0 Purpose

This policy describes the general guidelines for facilities planning, real estate, space administration, and construction.

2.0 Policy [Top]

2.1 Services Available

The Facilities Planning and Construction Department of Facilities Management provides a full range of facilities planning, real estate and space administration, architectural, engineering, and project construction management services either through its professional staff or through agreements and contracts with outside professional firms.

2.2 Request for Services

Requests for planning, architectural, or engineering services (except those in the Health Sciences Center) should be made by submitting a Request for Service form to Facilities Management's Work Control Division at 575 Alderman Road.

Health Sciences Center Requests for Service should be submitted to the Director, Medical Center Physical Plant, Box 503, McKim Hall. For requirements involving significant renovation of facilities, reassignment of space, or changes in use, the Director, Medical Center Physical Plant will obtain the necessary review from the Office of the Vice President for Health Sciences.

When reimbursement for services is required, the appropriate fund code must be cited on the Request for Services form.

See also:

Procedure, 13-1, "Preparing Request for Service."

2.3 Project Management

To assure continuity of project control and coordination through all stages of project development, design and construction, Facilities Management assigns a project manager from its Facilities Planning and Construction Department staff for every capital budget or other major project, and to all priority "A" and "B" renovation projects. The name and phone number of the assigned project manager is shown on each project status report.

See also:

Policy XIII.B.2, "Status Reports" section.

2.4 Construction Management

Facilities construction, repair, or renovation work performed by outside contracts is administered and inspected by Facilities Management's Construction Management staff. Costs for this service are charged to the specific projects.

2.5 Real Estate Agreements

Acquisitions of real estate by lease, purchase, gift, or otherwise are processed and approved by the University Real Estate and Space Manager in accordance with Policy VII.R.5.

2.6 Charges for Services

General planning support services include all Facilities Management staff support for the development of the University's biennial capital outlay programs, through the legislative approval process, and for the development of project investigation reports (PIRs). These services are provided for all general supported University components to the extent of available funds, as allocated by vice presidential area.

Services subject to reimbursement include all architectural, engineering, and project management services for general and non- general fund supported activities, the University Hospitals, and all approved capital budget program projects.

Reimbursement is always required from project budgets for the services of outside consultants, architects, or engineers.

Charges for the services of Facilities Management architectural, engineering, design, and project management staff are based on established hourly charges, plus other direct and indirect expenses. Preliminary estimates of these costs are provided in advance during the PIR phase of project development.

2.7 Project Investigation Reports

The Facilities Planning and Construction Department develops a PIR with the prospective user to assist in financial and program planning for facilities projects. This PIR defines the user's program needs and service requirements. It also identifies the scope and total cost estimate for the renovation or new construction required to fully satisfy project needs and to conform to applicable codes, standards, and good architectural and engineering practice. PIRs, as part of general facilities planning support, are prepared at no charge to general fund supported departments, as funds are available. Such funds are allocated by the vice presidential area, and require approval of the appropriate vice president for use.

Total project cost estimates shown in PIRs include anticipated costs for construction, design, project management, construction management, furnishings and equipment, and a contingency allowance.

3.0 Definitions [Top]

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